A place for women to discuss the ups and downs of the business and how to create new opportunities!
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  • Just reading the comments inspires me so much! so good to have so many talented women to join forces with.
  • Hot Cha Cha! Thanks, girls!
  • Hi there ladies!
    So nice to see so many women on this website and in the vo world! I look forward to hearing everyone's stories and experiences.
  • I am definitely a woman and definitely would like to know how to get things going! I look forward to interacting with all of you! I am a newbie, so I could use all the help I can get.
  • Good Grief Mandy! That's ridiculous! I've only been sized up once and that was in an on camera audition. I always tell my VO students that it's not competitive in that way. What did you do?
  • I'm so grateful for this site and for this group in particular! My first introduction into vo was horrible as I was treated really badly by a woman who only saw me as competition. Now I can look back and laugh (at her, of course!). It's so great to see women helping each other instead of putting up barriers. Three cheers for all of the woman in this group!!
  • Hi there! Just joined this group. Thanks for creating it. I'm up here in Canada, so it's great to hear from so many wonderful voicers.
  • Good grief...I haven't been here in a while! what's happening??
  • I couldn't agree more Randy. Unfortunately I was a little late to the game as my kids are pretty much grown. I'd been struggling to make that dream work while working in post. What the heck was I thinking? Took me long enough to summon up the courage to go after my dream. Glad the hubby gave me the push. (or was that the heave-ho?) ha ha!

    Love the slogan you used to use!
  • Yippee, a place for the talented women VO artist of the world!
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