A place for women to discuss the ups and downs of the business and how to create new opportunities!
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  • Woman (not girl) Power!!!

    Besides, all the hot guys in VO are my friends!
  • Hi Everyone,
    Just tagging along and hoping to get involved here!
    Bobbin Beam
  • I'm so glad you started this group, Kathleen! Women have unique challenges out there in the world of VO. Not harder, necessarily, just different! We need to really focus on working the system to our best interests! You go, Girls!
  • Hello there! I'm new to the site and look forward to bonding in vo sistahood with y'all!!!
  • Great to be amongst the energy...and the synergy. Kudos to the ladies who PRODUCE as well as voice. Let's break down those male walls (and balls, LOL) and get paid accordingly, ladies. (^_^)
  • Hi VO Women--glad to have found this group and looking forward to the synergy1
  • Howdy, Ladies! Great to be among all this wonderful female energy!!
  • VO Ladies, I've added a discussion about obstacles if you'd care to participate. See above!
  • Hey Karen Carson! You are RIGHT on sister! My website smacks of the good old 90's - and I am in the process of freshening it up right now (actually doing a total over-haul!). So, great advice, because sometimes we get the site up and then forget all about it - keeping it fresh and cutting edge is an important thing to do!
  • Very good. I'm also trying to create more opportunities for myself. It's a process. When I teach VO, I end up learning new things that I can use as well.
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