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Winter Thoughts

VOC Peeps,

Just noticed that Voices of Colors has over 100 members now. Amazing. Hopefully we're not all auditioning for the same work!

Anyway Winter is here and, to be perfectly candid, I've taken a step back from auditioning and am in the process of re-tooling my product. I'm trying to incorporate some of the comments I've gotten over the past year from Coaches and Agents both in terms of the "sound" as well as the Web site and promotional materials. There's a "new" sound out there that, to my ear, seems flatter, less musical, and definitely more "authentic" is the word that's used most often. Don't push, in other words. Even on the audition, I'm told, "tell it, don't sell it," though some coaches say just the opposite in terms of the audition; urging that to be made a little bigger.

So my plan is to spend some time in the studio and see what comes out as well as working with my webmaster, Corey Brown, on a new design which, by the way, will not include photos of me (see Photo Discussion Below).

The last coaching session I had was with Marice Tobias. One of the things she said that stuck was that agents have many ways of saying "no" but only one way of saying "yes" and that's with a signed contract. Which means that when they say "we'll send you some copy" or "we'll work freelance" it's usually a kind way of saying "see ya." Kind of like the equivalent of "we'll call you."

Enough already. I hope 2010 was a killer year for you (don't forget to keep records for the IRS) and that 2011 is even better. And don't forget that this is YOUR forum. Don't hesitate to start discussions, ask questions or just vent. This is YOUR PAGE.

All the best,
Mike H

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  • Hello all, I'm new to VO. I'm looking for a support group to practice my skills and also to  find somewhere to get my reels done for a reasonable price. I look forward to meeting others.
  • What's up Magic...Thanks for the response, the advice and the encouragement. I will check out the webinars and reach out ot Melody Jones. You keep doing BIG THINGS! and you are silly...come back when  you come back, lol


  • Whats Up Rhonda...Use everything you can to market yourself. In the radio industry we tell the artists to have a why not have one for ourselves. Maybe someone will tell someone, or maybe you can add your website to your page. Use it as a network. I ALWAYS SAY ..."WHEN MY BOOK COMES OUT IF 200 OF MY 2000 FRIENDS BUY IT ..I WILL BE OFF TO A GREAT START. We never know who are friends friends are. Check out this James Alburger & Penny Abshire via
    reply-to They have great webinars on all of these subjects on their site. Keep the Faith My Sister. Check out her Magic sent you. Take a class...She is the Bomb. ( Come back when you comeback... lol)
    Melody Jones
  • Has anyone used facebook to market themselves?


  • Hey folks. I'm new here. Interesting group. I'm curious to hear about everyone's experience in the VO world. Are we working? Are the industry's arms wide open?
  • I couldn't agree more!!  I read in a response somewhere Ted has been homeless drug addicted and separated from family and those who cared for him would you want to trade that for the life you have?  Circumstances have touched his life to put him in the spotlight for his gifts and for this industry that we all love. He is a feel good success story and we all need to know that regardless of circumstance you can be recognized for your talent and have success and get back to doing the work you were meant to do. This is a lesson for all.


    Bless Ted Williams on his journey because when you truly know why you are here and how you are suppose to use the gifts you've been given opportunity will find you and lay rewards and riches in your path.


    Tina Marie Murray

  • Its Amazing to see what God can do for Ted Williams.  Don't Think that God cant do the same for you .  Williams humbled himself, and God did the rest.  I love this  network because I feel we all have stories similar to Ted's. God didn't just bless 1  with a "Golden Voice"...Theres a lot of Us. Let Ted's story be an example of the many blessings that are ahead for us all...If we just humble ourselves, and stay Faithful and Focused.  Congrats to Ted Williams. He has put a spotlight on all VO artists.  Here come the Blessings... In Gods Time.  MG.
  • Just read that the homeless voiceover guy, Ted Williams, has been offered a two year deal by the Cleveland Cavaliers.  I'm happy for Ted but not sure what all the hoopla says about the industry.  How do you Voices of Colors feel about this?  Should we all take our acts "on the road?"
  • Check out Rodney Saulsberry's Vocal Warmups. They're often among Voiceover Universe's videos. Start out slow and build up your speed. That works the mouth and helps with diction. Musical scales is a great way to warm up the voice, I've found. And Welcome to the group.
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