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Winter Thoughts

VOC Peeps,

Just noticed that Voices of Colors has over 100 members now. Amazing. Hopefully we're not all auditioning for the same work!

Anyway Winter is here and, to be perfectly candid, I've taken a step back from auditioning and am in the process of re-tooling my product. I'm trying to incorporate some of the comments I've gotten over the past year from Coaches and Agents both in terms of the "sound" as well as the Web site and promotional materials. There's a "new" sound out there that, to my ear, seems flatter, less musical, and definitely more "authentic" is the word that's used most often. Don't push, in other words. Even on the audition, I'm told, "tell it, don't sell it," though some coaches say just the opposite in terms of the audition; urging that to be made a little bigger.

So my plan is to spend some time in the studio and see what comes out as well as working with my webmaster, Corey Brown, on a new design which, by the way, will not include photos of me (see Photo Discussion Below).

The last coaching session I had was with Marice Tobias. One of the things she said that stuck was that agents have many ways of saying "no" but only one way of saying "yes" and that's with a signed contract. Which means that when they say "we'll send you some copy" or "we'll work freelance" it's usually a kind way of saying "see ya." Kind of like the equivalent of "we'll call you."

Enough already. I hope 2010 was a killer year for you (don't forget to keep records for the IRS) and that 2011 is even better. And don't forget that this is YOUR forum. Don't hesitate to start discussions, ask questions or just vent. This is YOUR PAGE.

All the best,
Mike H

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  • I now own the copyright of my character "Cecil Jenkins" This read was emotional for me, but this story must be told for all generations.
  • Hey, guys and gals. I was invited to join this group. My name is Michael Glover, the creator and voice of "Cicel Jenkins" and many others. Happy to be here.
  • Voices!  I'm producing this Audiobook Title: Husband Unleashed


    Its an Erotic Novel from a Best Selling Author and he wants an real Black Female voice to make his words sing!  If your interest please contact me at and I can send you a short audition.  This is a Royalty Share Contract with a short 40 page estimate of dialog.


    Looking forward to hearing from the Audiobook Superstars!

  • Any members of this group located in the Atlanta Metro area?

  • Thanks for the advice Izaki. I understand the importance of developing my own style. I know what my style is, now the serious work is how to develop my style. 

    I look forward to learning from my fellow VU members and being an active participant on this blog.

  • Dwanda,

    Welcome to Voice Over Universe, as far as advice, one that I can give is always remember to be you when reading. I assume that the people at Such a Voice will enforce this too.  Its good to imitate those at the top right now; for sometime, but along the way you will need to find your voice, your style.

    Another that I can give is it matters on how you read. It's not just what you read, but how you read it. 

    ...I wish you the best.



  • Hello, I'm a newbie to VU and I just finished my demo this week. I'm looking for some marketing advice for voice over actors from the African American community. 

    Please share with me of any advice you have for pitfalls to avoid or tips that have worked with you that you would like to share. I'm so fortunate to find a forum for people of color. I would like to start a "meet up" group in my area, to network with other voice actors, but since I'm new to the voice over industry I have some apprehension. Does anyone have any advice?

  • Sad, but unbelievably true!

  • That's just part of the job... you'd do well to treat ebonics like any other foreign language and "embrace" it.

  • One of "Those" sessions

    Just had one of Those sessions. I'm sure many of you can relate. Ha. Keep laughing. 

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