Using your voice to change the world? Tell us about it here. PSAs, community service, benefits and events... This is an opportunity for us to support you as you support the causes that change our world!
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  • Proof Positive it's not all about the money for us.

    Powerless to end the war in Iraq...I have been quietly working with some members of the military who have been putting together video/stills memoriams for some of their bretheren's families.
    I have a standing "use-me-however-you-need-me for a few Animal Rights groups after witnessing the end for a bull and some goats I used to feed snacks to on my lunch break from recording. Those sweet animals with distinct personalities change me in unexpected ways.
  • I don't know yet about the legal ramifications, but I'd like everyone to check out the website below. If I can do a book, audio book or anything to raise awareness of Hospice and Hospitals performing unnecessary euthansia I'd love to. My dad was in remission from cancer and we mistakenly were given hospice thinking it was custodial care nursing while I had a 76 hour job to do.
    They killed him in 5 days and lied about not giving him drugs.
    Check out this site and please spread the word. There's been a huge coverup about this for years.
  • Best of luck on your VOcumentary, I'm sure it will be incredibly powerful! I donate my time voicing spots for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. It's great to be able to use our skills for a great cause. Thanks for starting this group!
  • Jai,

    Thanks for the invite.
  • Jai,

    A great idea for a group! Some of my favorite voice work has been for non-profit organizations. Last year, a group of us were asked to provide radio imaging for Freedom Radio in Iraq. It was a blast, and I was all-too-happy to become the imaging voice of one of their DJs. Another recent project was providing the voice of a key player in an educational videogame being produced for schools for underprivilaged children. If our talents can bring even the slightest bit of happiness to someone who needs it...I'm all about it!
  • jai,
    What a great idea. I too am a victim of domestic violence..actually child abuse..I even wrote a book but never did anything with it..being a single mom..and coming from my background..I have ALOT to say..
  • Thanks for the invite. Looking forward to positive things achieved through this!
  • Thanks for the wake up call. I'm totally involved with this idea.
    Many blessings!

  • Thanks for the invite. I participate in quite a few community activities reference social ills. I've witnessed domestic violence and loss a very dear friend in the poetry community to it. Blessings on your project and Glory to God you didn't fall into the 6 seconds pool.
  • Thanks for the invite! Very interesting!
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