Using your voice to change the world? Tell us about it here. PSAs, community service, benefits and events... This is an opportunity for us to support you as you support the causes that change our world!
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  • Hey Jai,

    Thanks for the invite. Great concept. I'm always using my voice, airshow, poetry etc to make a difference and "edutain." So, this falls right down my line.
  • Jai,
    Thanks for the invite and great concept. From Breast Cancer Awareness to Educating our Youth to Relaying for Life and genuinely being able to help others...This is part of our Purpose...Continued Blessings my Friend.
  • Hi Jai,
    Thank you for the invitation. I do various pro-bono projects for non profits and a weekly news read for a program created to bring web news to the blind. I believe the website is:
    If anyone would be interested in volunteering.
  • Thank you for the invitation Jai.
  • Jai,

    Thanks for the invite.
  • Oh (s)he to whom much has been given, much will be required. Wonderful idea. Thank you for iniviting me
  • Jai, I love the concept! Thanks for bringing this together. I've worked with actress Sheryl Lee Ralph for four years now in the fight against HIV/AIDS with her annual benefit called Divas Simply Singing through her charitable organization The Diva Foundation. I've done the PSA's for the event and for HIV testing awareness. Check it out on my IRTMVO member page.
  • Jai, this is a very admirable thing you're doing. I've been involved for years in creating PSAs free of charge for small non-profit organizations that submit the spots to radio stations that air PSAs gratis. You can hear these spots on my website: Just click on "Radio Spots" and scroll down to "Public Service Spots."
  • Thanks for the invite, Jai! I've actually been doing readings for, plus I did some work for the Canadian National Institute for the Blind several years back which is what got me interested in Librivox. Not only are they *great* practice - but they're helping other people to have some more enjoyment too. :)
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