Using your voice to change the world? Tell us about it here. PSAs, community service, benefits and events... This is an opportunity for us to support you as you support the causes that change our world!
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  • Great idea Jai. Thanks for the invite
  • Voices of Change...Jai, I'm in babe...matter of fact if you need me...just gimme a sec to go in this phone booth and Change...I'll be the big man with tights on and a "C" on his chest! Lets do work angel!

  • Glad to be here.... Change...... That's what it's all about. I'm here for you.
  • Thank you for the invitation. Always happy to help in any way I can.

  • Thanks for the invite Jai, let me know if I can assist


  • Thank you for the invite.
  • Thanks for the invite. I'm interested in helping out any way I can. My theater company is currently starting a year long documentary project about sexual education and disease awareness and I'm learning more and more about non profit organizations that could use this kind of publicity. spreading the good word :)
  • Count me in! I do a lot with varying medical missions groups, so I'll definitely have some content. Also we have a group of incredible dentists who donate care to victims of domestic violence. Can you imagine trying to get a job when your teeth have been knocked out or severely damaged by abuse? It's incredible. So stay tuned, as it were. Power to you Jai, and all who put their voices together here.
    Stevie C
  • Me too.

  • Thanks for the invite Jai
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