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  • As the health care bills continue to move through Congress, there may be more opportunities to help out with voicing the legislation, as a pro bono job at I have been involved in reading each incarnation of the bills. I found this work very rewarding, maybe you might also.
  • Incidentally, Culture X was acclaimed at the New York Festival as the Silver World Medal Winner for Best Documentary.

    I'm also now half way through another series called Almost Famous, produced by Vertigo Productions. Similar to Culture X in that its stories are from the edge, it's more contemporary in its focus looking at the right here, right now of culture and subculture in Asia, and it dedicates an entire one hour episode to one story only.

    I'm in Singapore, by the way.
  • I have narrated the documentary series Culture X, produced by Third Floor Pictures. I've only two days ago completed the second series.

    Culture X brings today's stories about the cultures of Asia, and now venturing into Africa, that go well beyond the clichés and stereotypes of Western perceptions.

    It's an amazing world and the more we understood about it and each other, and respect, value and appreciate our differences rather than fear and demonise them, the better it will be for all of us.

    Cultural homogenisation is futile, there's far too much going on.
  • I currently provide the voicing for a pilot radio reading service for people with visual impairments on There is no reading service in our local area (Rockland County New York). The idea is to provide access to written material, local news in particular, for anyone with a visual impairment and a computer. To date, we have only presented weekly selections from Hudson Valley Business News, but hope to include other news sources going forward.
    Internet Radio: Rockland World Radio
    The premiere on-line, internet radio destination for Rockland County's Independent Music, Art, and Culture.
  • Congrats to Dr. H. Steven Sims... Heez married now!!! All the best.

  • Since 2002 I have been blessed with the opportunity to supply voiceovers of the AME Zion denominations Sunday School lessons for the elderly and vision impaired with CDs recorded at home and sent out across the country quarterly under direction of the AME Zion Church Literature Department in Charlotte, NC.

    Very pleased to see this group as a VU newbie.

    God bless,

  • I just joined a great site,! You can volunteer to read books/poems/short stories on the public domain. Check it out!
  • A warm welcome to all our new members! We have a world to change - use your voice!

  • I have started a Non Proft Called
    "The Dungee Training and Business Opportunity Center"
    We will Keep you Posted
  • What a worthwhile group! I'm looking forward to getting many ideas for helping our community.
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