An almost-weekly podcast hosted by full-time talents Terry Daniel and Trish Basanyi, interviewing A-list guests from the VO industry! Who will we talk to next? Find out here!
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  • Hi Guys,

    Just listened to the latest podcast and wanted to tell you what a fun interview it was!

    Not that it's a unique experience, but I grew up 20 miles north of Joe in Torrington, CT and like Joe I hung out at the local station, WTOR, until they hired me! Though - somewhere I must have missed an opportunity - LOL

    Thanks for the great show!


  • Terry & Trish,

    Btw, Joe's elbow will be bent at the bar in a sling from the wicked serve he gave you all. Great interview!!!
  • Trish and Terry -- Great Podcast. Joe Cipriano is one of my favorite VO talents in the world and he is always so giving. You mentioned you knew someone who wanted to ask Joe some questions and suggested that the guy email Joe. I can tell you from first hand experience that Joe will actually respond to email messages. He has been of great help to me in the past.

    Joe - You are such a cool guy with a great sense of humor. Its always great to hear you talk about the business and about your own experiences.

    Thanks for sharing this.

    You all have fun at Voice2008.

  • Cipriano? Saulsberry? Terwilliger? Every time you guys put a VO heavy-hitter on your show, I'm even more honored that you had me on. (Actually, Terry, Trish tells me that DLF canceled and you had to throw a dart to find a guest. I don't believe her though. ;) )
  • I like your work, and a cool ass car in the garage.
    Jay D
  • Thank for the invite Trish , will tune in

  • checked out a podcast......You guys are having way too much fun....Thanks for the invite.

    Deby Cedars
  • Just listened to my first couple of VOD podcasts. Wow! You guys are fantastic. I subscribed via iTunes so there are lots more of your podcasts my playlist. What a great learning experience. Thanks guys!
  • Thanks for the invite!
    Good stuff.

  • Hello guys,

    Glad to find your podcast. Very helpful and enlightening. Joan Baker podcast was the first. Can't wait to get time to listen to the others. Great work.
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