An almost-weekly podcast hosted by full-time talents Terry Daniel and Trish Basanyi, interviewing A-list guests from the VO industry! Who will we talk to next? Find out here!
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  • Howdy Y'all !!!

    I'll be watching the emails and listening in...
    ...hope I can contribute!
    Take Care,
  • I can;t wait to jump in! Thanks for the invite!

  • Thanks for the invitation Trish. I look forward to the podcasts!
  • Hello Pod People! Thanks for the fun, insightful broadcasts. Can't wait to hear more.

    Smiling when I talk with lipstick on my teeth-
  • Loved listening to the clips from VOICE - would have been great to catch up with you at the booth (or perhaps the bar!). Keep up the good work. Rajiv
  • I'm so sorry I didn't drop by the booth to record! I love the podcast! How fun!!!

    Thanks for doing the podcast! Caryn
  • Trish and Terry. Great meeting you at VOICE! The X-bar will be forever changed! LOL
  • Terry,

    You recover well from the "B.E.A.B Sydrome (Bent Elbow At The Bar)!" It was cool hanging out with you and Trish... the first night! Lol!
  • Is it me or does Courvo have an ounce of Elvis in his speech? Love it.
  • Hey TnT:
    I feel like a complete !#@$! for not getting over to your both for a little interview at V08. I enjoyed listening to everyone who popped in to say hello. Next year I will close shop long enough to get in some face time with some of the others in the expo. My wife was not having fun trying to field techy questions every time I stepped away for a few minutes. Til next year...
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