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  • Hi everyone.  Here is a video clip from a recent performance of mine.

    Arnold Schwarzenegger Voice Impression

  • As many of us will be attending the 2nd Annual NYC Voiceover Mixer on Saturday, Dec. 5th -- the hours for Bob Bergen's Voiceover Class in NYC that weekend have been changed to 10am - 5pm for BOTH Saturday and Sunday. Studio location is at John Marshall Sound, 630 Ninth Avenue at 44th Street.

    I have one spot available for auditing and/or taking the workshop. If interested, please contact me at 917-842-5395.

    Looking forward to seeing you this weekend at the Workshop AND The Mixer!


    Marian Massaro
  • Hullo Campers!

    This is too good NOT to share with you all!

    Apparently I'm better at Character Voices than I thought. The Character demo I have posted is 100% me, all me, no one but me. But according to Voice123 there not! This is what I received in my email this afternoon...

    Hello! As part of our Quality Assurance efforts, we came across your demo "Characters", but regretfully it was removed because it fully represents a talent other than yourself.

    Please make sure that all demos on your page showcase your talent, not those of another talent. We understand that demos can have two or more voices, but the removed demo was not you.

    If you know of a fellow talent who wishes to join Voice123 as a Premium or Standard subscriber, please visit our Live Chat for Talents, available Mon.-Fri., 9-6pm EST. or email


    The Voice123 Team
    Voice123 - The voice over marketplace
    Toll Free from the US: 1.877.ASK.VOICE
    New York & International: (+1) 212-461-1873

    I wrote them back to let them know that they are all me...nothing but me...100% me!

    Wow if I can fool the "So-called" experts...I must be better than I thought or their QC people are alot worse than I thought! lol!

  • Very Nicely done on that Cary Grant...awesome!
  • Nice work Piotr!

    I like the dialoge too. You do both characters justice. I do good James Mason. My Cary Grant is not as good as your's though. Check out my new Yoda audition clip on my profile. Let me know what you think.

    Best regards,

    Jim Lueck
    Celebrity Voice Impressionist
  • I just added a Cary Grant vs James Mason audio to my page, please check it out!
  • They specifically asked for voice impression auditions within the company but you never know..if the price is right this may be an opportunity for others.

    ...need is celebrity impressions. (good impressions)

    MP3 a sample.
  • Aussie guy here, who has mastered 3 of the Simpson's characters - Homer, Marge & Krusty (only on selected days, he's a throat-ripper !).

    I also like to just do general characters, so if you know anyone who could use my vocals, let me know ! Demos on the website if you want proof :)
  • I invite everyone to take a look at the new website that promotes the use of voice-over on websites. If nothing else it is worth a chuckle or two. I welcome evryones comments.
    Jerry Bader, MRPwebmedia
  • Hello all! I do 60 plus celebrity impressions. Piotr, though we have never talked, I have seen your stuff on Youtube and you are very good. I look forward to future discussions!
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