VOICE is the VoiceOver International Creative Experience. This group is for anyone planning to attend, wanting to attend, has questions or comments about attending, and a place to connect with others for meet-ups at the VOICE - August 27-30th in Anaheim, California.

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Hi all, and thanks for joining us at the VOICE group.

For those of you who don't already know, VOICE (the VoiceOver International Creative Experience) is a conference specifically for the voiceacting community. 2014 is our fifth conference and will be held at Disneyland in Anaheim, CA August 27-30th.  We're growing in numbers and we'd love to have you join us!



You can also subscribe to our VoiceActing email list by clicking HERE to be keep informed about new programs being added and other special events.

Feel free to use this group to ask questions about VOICE, to share your plans for attending and to tell us your experiences at previous VOICE events. It's also a great place to find a roommate or to arrange meet-ups with your VO friends!

We look forward to seeing you in August 27-30th in Anaheim!

James R. Alburger & Penny Abshire

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  • I am back home today. Voice 2010 was great, I met new friends( HELLO NEW FRIENDS) and I learned more than I will remember. It was great!! I did not totally jump out of my comfort zone but I did a little so may be next time I will stretch myself even more. Words cannot even express all the wonderful things that transpired.I loved being on the volunteer team and working with everyone what a blessing that was. so now the work comes, putting to use all the information and the training that was learned. Thank you so much Penny and James for having the vision of this community.
  • I'm finally home. It was a great time.......It was great to meet so many great people....so much talent......so many new friends.

    Thank you Penny and James for all of your hard work.....

  • Combed the dictionary to find the words to describe my experience at VOICE. But all I really needed was two... thank you.


    Well Said Doug!
  • I was blown away by this conference once again! I had such a great time, and spoke to so many people that I closed the bar down every night! Those security guards are awful nice there. I had more beers this conference than I normally drink in an entire year. It was a different perspective this time being a presenter, and I just loved being able to meet so many of you wonderful people! This is something I love about the voice over community over almost any other profession, including law. It is so tight knit and friendly it really does feel like family.

    Thank you all, and thank you to those that came to my session and gave me such great feedback!

    Here is the final toast to VOICE 2010, and looking forward to VOICE 2012.
  • Thank you, Penny & James, for a wonderful experience.
  • I am so glad that I went to VOICE 2010! It was so much fun to meet people who I have touched base with on the forums and through Facebook. This was the first conference of any sort that I have attended that has given me so much value for money spent. There was an immense amount to learn and various professionals to meet. I am a new comer to the field of voice over acting and I know that I have A LOT to learn. This community of actors who attended the conference was fun and so welcoming to me. The welcome, camaraderie, and opportunities to learn have helped solidify my determination to continue pursuing voice over acting.
  • WOW! I had very high expectations for my first VOICE and the reality wildly exceeded those!

    Larissa touched on this: so many great, wonderful, and unique individuals met, so many left to meet in the future. Just as we are all unique talents that bring our own special personalities to our craft, I want to meet and appreciate every attendee!

    I left for the airport with the same giddy & dizzy sensation as leaving summer camp as a kid! Meeting thoroughly engaging people, that I will remember the rest of my life, yet, we'll all see each other relatively soon, and regularly!!!

    Excellent encapsulation Doug: Thank You!

    Bill Sleeper
  • Combed the dictionary to find the words to describe my experience at VOICE. But all I really needed was two... thank you.

  • I'm speechless! Literally! Actually I think I left my voice on the Hyatt's patio, talking till all hours of the morning with all my favorite peeps! (Is that the word you youngins use these days?) VOICE 2010 was magnificent!
  • Had an incredible time at VOICE 2010. Can't believe that even though I feel like I meet an enormous amount of people, at the same time I didn't even scratch the surface. A big hello to all my new friends, and for those that I didn't get the chance to chat to, would love to connect online ... and then in person at the next VOICE!
    Thanks to all involved with creating it, and all the best of success for everyone in their future!!
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