VOICE is the VoiceOver International Creative Experience. This group is for anyone planning to attend, wanting to attend, has questions or comments about attending, and a place to connect with others for meet-ups at the VOICE - August 27-30th in Anaheim, California.

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Hi all, and thanks for joining us at the VOICE group.

For those of you who don't already know, VOICE (the VoiceOver International Creative Experience) is a conference specifically for the voiceacting community. 2014 is our fifth conference and will be held at Disneyland in Anaheim, CA August 27-30th.  We're growing in numbers and we'd love to have you join us!



You can also subscribe to our VoiceActing email list by clicking HERE to be keep informed about new programs being added and other special events.

Feel free to use this group to ask questions about VOICE, to share your plans for attending and to tell us your experiences at previous VOICE events. It's also a great place to find a roommate or to arrange meet-ups with your VO friends!

We look forward to seeing you in August 27-30th in Anaheim!

James R. Alburger & Penny Abshire

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  • :D No problem, Adam. Looking forward to meeting you too!
  • We'll miss you, Pearl! Best of luck to your son and mazol tov on your parents' 50th ...
  • Sorry you won't make it, Pearl ... but many congratulations to your son! That's wonderful news for him! And a 50th wedding anniversary is something super special too. It sounds like you have a wonderful family. :)
  • @Mehmet Yes! And it was my pleasure - OK... who'd like to share a room with two guys from Istanbul, one Turkish, the other English (British)?

    If anyone local could help us both that'd be great, as the hotel won't communicate with email, so aking such arrangements would be much easier if you're US based and could lend us a hand...

    @Pearl... you'll be a missing friend, I hope we get the chance to meet before too long, though. All the best for your son, I'm sure he'll do you proud!
  • Great news Andy! I'm so pleased for you!

    Well, it's official! I won't be attending VOICE now :(

    I am bummed about it but life can be just too hectic and expensive. My 15 year old son got through to the next round of the national high school Classical Singer competition being held in New York May 28 thru 31 and we are now going back home to England for a visit on June 9th to see family and celebrate my in-laws 50th wedding anniversary.
    I could have squeezed VOICE in between those two trips but I can't financially manage that this year.

    Oh well!! As always family MUST come first and my son may earn himself a scholarship to a renowned music school if he impresses the right people! So fingers crossed for him!!

    Congratulations to my in-laws too. 50 years of marriage is a rare thing these days!
  • Hi Andy,
    I can share the room with you. Have we met before? :))
  • Well, can't share a room with you of course :D - but *really* glad you're going to make it, Andy. Looking forward to meeting you! :)
  • Just booked my flight from Turkey :-)

    Now looking for a room share (male, of course). Having looked at the Hyatt website, it looks like it's possible to share up to 4 in a room, the more the cheaper... I'd even be happy to sleep on the floor! So if you'd be interested in reducing your costs for the duration, please let me know. My dates are from Tues 1st - to Tues 8th, but of course I'm especially lookng here for the duration of the conference - I can do something else after.
  • I agree Penny - good to know about this in advance just in case it comes up!
  • You are amazingly efficient Penny! Thanks for taking care of these types of issues before they really become issues!
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