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  • A big Howdy and Welcome to all our new members!

    Talk it up gang!
  • Hi everyone! I thought I'd post this here first because, as a computer game casting director and actor, being able to do a whole slew of USABLE characters in USABLE accents, different ages and textures is a MUST ---I have found that even the most talented character actors who haven't done a lot of game VOs have a tough time being able to spread themselves thin enough to cover the quantity of characters needed to cover the small number of lines each character has.
    So------if you think you are already a real pro and have done this stuff before, feel free to visit Talent Assessment page. Classes and coaching links are also there, if you'd like more instant help to get where you need to be to land those jobs.
    Best of luck to all, and please note: I don't make a living teaching and what I teach is really intense, highly useful immediately and everyone gets a lot of personal attention. I won't be offering these for very long, but I do want to help as many people as I can...and heck----if I can put you to work---we all win! Thanks and have a great summer!
  • Hey, Joe...
    Finally getting around to visiting -and commenting. You say you are singing and reading in character. That's great! I don't do it as often as I should. I'm reminded of the classic-and hilarious version of "Blue Christmas" performed by Porky Pig. What a hoot! However, I can't imagine the Sun King singing"Little Drummer Boy".
  • A big "HOWDY" to all the new members!

    Feel free to post new topics for discussion above...

    MJ - I like it. That's a great way to play thru the day.

    I've taken to singing songs as a given charcater (or in an accent).
    Also, reading out loud as the character, recording, and playback are fun.

    While I'm driving, I'll try to voice-match whatever is on the radio.
    (yeah, you may wanna drive somewhere far away from me!)

    Happy Saturday,
  • Hello there,
    I'm getting my feet wet in the industry and looking forward to sharing successes with everybody! I reviewed some of the threads and this group looks awesome! Yee-haw!
  • Working as a VO character would be amazing!! This is the most fun field to work, I would think.
    I want to learn everything I can to be in this field. :D
  • got characters!!!???? I practice getting up in the morning as one of my many characters and going through the day as that character---too bad one of em invested in the stock market!!!:)))--Animation is too fun!
  • Wow...that is amazing T. Well let me tell you what I have...As I said I have an Emu1616m mic preamp which goes into the Emu card in the back of my computer. That was around $279. The computer I built myself and it is just for VO stuff. I have an Intel Core2 Duo processor with XP. Great computer. All that came out to around $380. I am using Audacity as the software. I know my system has the DAT but I don't know it well enough yet to make sure I am doing it right.

    Are you familiar with Emu1616m? It is pretty powerful (if you know how to use it).

    Now your Mackie, is it just for the pre-amp or do you really need the 8 channels?

    Once I get the Mic (just shipped today) I will take some pictures of the set up and send it to you. I use a good size walk in closet in one of the spare rooms of the house.
  • Well, I didn't mean like spam but everyone wants you to buy their book or their CD etc. Not a big deal it's just funny.

    I have heard a lot of good things about the Rode and for the price I think it's just right. I always get my stuff from ZZounds. They seem to have the best prices around with no shipping charges and way fast delivery. Your stuff sounds great though. Did you mix everything yourself or did you get a demo done at a studio. That is somehting I really need to do but don't want to over pay...But again, who does?...
  • I have a $40 mic(first one). It's an MXL SP1. It's not bad but I can't wait to hear the Rode NT1a. And hey, I am more than glad to keep this forum alive. I am sure you can shed light on a whole bunch of issues. This is a great site but I notice a lfew of the members are a little too interested in making money from the members.
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