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  • Awesome Tim...thx for the input brother. Any and all comments are welcomed. I just did that at home with my little set up and Audacity. I have an Emu1616m mic pre and a Rode NT1a should be here shortly. I will get a proffecional one done in the very near future. The VO work I have done has been TV commercial type, never done animation but I love it though. Thx so much...
  • Hi guys...just joined the group. I am new at this so if you guys get a chance and check out my character voice demo on my profile and give me so feedback that would be awesome...Thx...Luis
  • Well, the V/O went fairly small set of revisions. I aimed a bit high with my initial quote, they paid $350.00 for both characters combined. They did mention the recording exceeded the previous voice actors (in terms of audio quality) and hopefully acting quality as well.

    The game is "Savage 2: A Tortured Soul". A multiplayer, fantasy PC type game.

    I should go play...just so I can hear myself give me commands!

    Thanks again Tim and George for the advice, and continued success to you guys!


    (That was a fun line to voice)

  • Thanks Tim!

    I appreciate your expertise on this!

    Once I voice the characters and finalize, I'll drop a note back here to let you know what I've learned!

    Take care,

  • Hi George-

    Excellent insight!

    Thanks so much for your time...and continued success to you!

  • Hi Paul,

    I've done a LOT of character voices for videogames and this question from game developers is always difficult to answer. In general, for non-union such as myself, it has always paid by the hour as opposed to how many characters. On the low end I've gotten $100hr and on the high end, $400hr.

    The big developers for games like Grand Theft Auto, Halo etc. are usually at the mercy of their publishers who in the past few years have been demanding "Hollywood" and "NY" talent, mostly Union, as they feel that this guarantees a first class performance. But as anyone on this list could tell you, being in the Union does not mean you're talented.

    If the game is being developed in the US, the budget is usually a bit bigger than those titles that are being developed in Europe. But in the end, it comes down to the publisher's decision and if the developer is being allowed to use non-union talent, that is being self-directed and has no previous experience with that developer, than you can probably assume they will be on the lower end of the scale.

    My advice is to give them a quote but with the stipulation that it is somewhat negotiable or that you are willing to give them a small discount as a first-time client.

    My two cents.

    Good luck Paul!
  • Hello-

    Wondering if I could get a roundabout idea of pricing video game voices.

    I was just offered 2 characters on the sequel to a very successful fantasy/multi-player video game. I'm pretty stoked about it, as it is my first.

    My question involves pricing, as they are now asking for a quote for my services.

    Like I said, I have two roles in the game...both are roughly 200 to 300 words a piece (about a page per character of short commands)

    I am non-union.

    I'd like to hear what some seasoned video game voice actors (non union and union) would charge for this.

    My original instinct was around $300.00 per character, and a $75 minimum for revisions.

    From what I understand, this will be a major I don't want to short change myself, but at the same time, video game developers (from what I gather) are using more and more non union voices these days to keep costs down.

    What thinketh any of you union and non union game voices?


  • I love character voices, and would really like to expand into doing animation/video games and more - I think I've got more types of characters inside of me than I care to know of :) So if you know of someone who needs a character or 3 (or a very "ocker" Aussie !), let me know.
  • Jerry, "Chuckle or two"? -- I can't stop smiling. Great piece! Great production! Lots of imagination and creativity. This one goes in my favorities for those times I need a boost. Thanks and best wishes.
  • I invite everyone to take a look at the new website that promotes the use of voice-over on websites. If nothing else it is worth a chuckle or two. I welcome everyones comments.
    Jerry Bader, MRPwebmedia
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