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  • Hi. I am based in Orlando. I love characters. I specialize in celebrity voice impressions. I look forward to your insights on what is happening in the Florida market.
  • ... Just wanted to pop in and say "Happy Holidays and a Prosperous 2009" to all of you in the group.

    And a BIG WELCOME to the new members!

    Kepp posting gang,
  • Just read a great article from entitled: "Voice Acting, It's All Character Work!" and I for one couldn't agree more!

    Each and every time that I "crack" the mic (as it were), I ask myself "Who am I?" am I stoic or introverted, am I happy or sallow, who the "effe" am I?

    Even when I'm being given stuff like Irish Pubs to do or an Aussie Surf Shop (oh yes they exist) and I have to pull something out of my own "bag of tricks" as mentioned in the article, I'm thinking of whether or not I'm being a caricature or stereotype (i.e., am I being Lucky the Leprechaun or Crocodile Dundee) or am I being a totally legit and serious Irishman (Colin Farrell) or Aussie/New Zealander (Steve Irwin).

    What's in your bag of tricks? I for one find that "key note" it's the word or phrase that immediately takes me to the core of the character and allows me to grab that accent accurately.

    If I'm doing a movie trailer announcer it's the classic "NOW" or "IN A WORLD" depending on which style I'm going for.

    If I'm doing a British/UK accent I'm searching for the correct dialect...if it's East Ender/Cockney I usually go with a good "BOLLOX!" or if it's that Manchester United feel just saying the word "Manchestuh" does it for me.

    What's your "key note"? How do you bring out the inner character and get-er-done (again) as it were?
  • Actually yes it very well could!
  • Please do post the info, sounds like great practice and could become a paying gig someday!
  • Judging by the success of this endeavor so far...we've hit over 500k unique visitors last month alone...WOW! We may start up an audiofiction version for original works too. But I really need to crawl before I walk. Upcoming projects are: Transformers: Tinman, Ocean's Eight, and a Crossover story between The Shadow and the Phantom. I'll post a casting call when I'm ready with a link to the script. Again so we're all clear this is an unpaid gig since these are all copyrighted characters this is more for practical practice than anything else and you can put it on your resume or use it for a demo. I make no money off this (yet),
  • Just wanted to say hi!

    My most recent endeavor might interest some of you looking to get some practical practice's at Audio it's a website where fanfic writers submit their best stories and the frequent visitors and members of the site vote on their favs and those get produced as audio dramas.

    I've already voiced and produced one based on the British Scifi show Doctor Who and am currently producing one based on Men In Black, both of those have been cast, voiced, and produced.

    I'm working on a new one based on Transformers the motion picture that recwently came out by Michael's just fun!

    It's great practice and my own voice talent mates have already contributed. Since the works are copyrighted no money can be made but everyone who has participated has said it's a great opportunity to give their pipes some practice.

    If you're interested let me know!

    I'll post more updates as this thing continues!

  • Howdy!

    Recently got back into voice work after 19 years off (had to feed the wife and kids). Now I'm setup, took some classes and am working to relearn and refine my craft and my voice! I look forward to gaining information from this group and hope to contribute as well as I learn to tame the "voices" in my head. It's ok, they know me there.

    Dan The Voice
  • Hey gang!

    Things have been hopping with me lately - glad to see all the new faces!!!

    Welcome all - jump in on the topics,
    Joe J Thomas
  • Hey Joe! Thanks for putting this forum together.
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