Got more than one voice in your head? Then this is the group for you! Join up if you're into Animation, Video Games, Accents, or just like to speak in tongues...
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  • Neil Diamond Sings Hip Hop.mp3

    Lemme know what y'all think
  • Argh! Well thanks too Joe for putting together this forum..I too am a closet Character not too closeted, but this is the place where I feel I fit in the best! and I am thrilled to be on line with this forum and the entire (echo chamber) VOICE OVER UNIVERSE Verse Ers Ers......ahem
    I am trying to be a more regular participant of VOU (*inserts pause for "bran and fiber" jokes) and other sites....F/T gig gets in the way...*sigh...
    Gotta go serve up the apple cobbler..mmmm mmmm...Talk to y'all soon!
    PS I am open to comments about my "demo" as well...I really wish to update it. thanks in advance...
  • Hey all you characters!

    Thanks much for joining the group - please feel free to post questions or start brand new topics in the Discussion forum...

  • it's always good to hear your audition again or keep a little tape recorder (which I don't do, but have seen others) to keep track of characters
  • Thanks for putting this group together, Joe. I'm just blown away by what Rick Party has done for all of us. It's amazing! Creating characters is the most fun I've ever had on mic!
  • Hi Joe,

    Thanks for forming this group. I look forward to growing with the group and contributing to the community... Best wishes to all!


  • Hello, and a big "Welcome" to all of the newcomers!

    Eric: as for keeping track of characters, I do tend to name my regular ones. I know some people keep a sheet that has information for each one (vocal range, placement, background, accent, etc). There can be a lot of information associated with a single voice, so you may want to start a notebook with the more solid ones you have...

    Good to see the group blossoming - keep up the posts all ;-)
  • Hello,

    I was lucky to grow up during the greatest cartoon era in the 60's and 70's. Mel Blanc and Dawes Butler were my gods. Heck, even today I own thousands of cartoon from the early days on. I have done some animation voices in some small productions, such as a Sin City animation project recently, but nothing like those old Saturday morning cartoon voices.

    I do have a character voice demo on my home page if you would like to check it out and give me your comments. I would be appreciative.

    Talk Soon,
  • Greetings all. I feel like the voices in my head all have new friends now. Is chatting with with the voices in other peoples heads considered cheating? I am not sure of this.

  • Hi Gang,

    I've fallen into several character jobs over the years. Commercials and some recent voices for video game called Hitman IV. Now I'm ready to get serious about animation and characters. Look forward to collaborating with this group and hearing your stories about the biz!

    Bill Jurney
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