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  • Well, when I first decided to explore the world of voiceovers, I envisioned myself doing wacky voices for cartoon characters. Then as I learned more, I was sort of guided in the direction of commercials. I put together a commercial demo and my animation demo has been side-lined for several years. I really gotta get that sucker put together. It's still what I REALLY want to do.
  • This must be an Amerian thing as we Brits very rarely slate our voice stuff, the computer sound file title , or CD is usualy the way we do it.

  • Ok, I signed up for this group because, this morning as I was sitting in the studio I just started firing off all of these different characters. Most of them are goofy, some angry, some casual, the list goes on. So I get to thinking, how would I go about exposing these characters to others. I really thought they were pretty good. For you experienced character folk, how do you remember each of your characters? Do you name them? How do you put the characters to use and make them available to the right people when you don't have any scripts? So many questions....
  • Welcome Maggie and MJ!

    Glad to have you here... I may take you up on that mic offer...
  • Joe - glad to see the wild wacky bunch here... looking forward to sharing my multiple personalities ;-)

  • so you have two you need a double headed mic---I will make you one!
  • Thanks for the workshop info, Pat...

    At half price, it might be worth the flight from LA!

  • Hello Character Heads. I'm coming to Connecticut June 21-22. One of the workshops is "The Silly, The Serious, and the Subtle," which is about the right application of character to Animation, Gaming, and Audiobooks. The studio I have can facilitate an Ensemble Cast Recording for Animation Tracks, so I can FINALLY offer the REAL DEAL on how this is done. Here's a link. Also has two free lessons. Hope you'll join me. Less by almost half of the cost in LA or NY as the expenses are less. Hotels are 60-100 range.

    Regards, Pat Fraley
  • Welcome Mark, Blair, Paul, Chris! Glad you're on board...

    And DC - very nice on the WaMu gig.

    Didn't know I had any Yodeling competition.
    Bring it on!
  • Hello Ladies and Gentlemen , I'm new to this site , and Wow what a talented collection of Pro's you are , I see that I'm going to have to up my game PDQ ! In Britain the pond is smaller , but here , I am now a rather diminutive frog again , so.... I'll just sit a while on my lilypad , listen , and learn a thing or 2. Glad to be aboard !
    Respectfully yours , Chris Grant .
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