Got more than one voice in your head? Then this is the group for you! Join up if you're into Animation, Video Games, Accents, or just like to speak in tongues...
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  • Hi!

    I would absolutely LOVE to join this group so I hope it's okay if I come in and play!
  • I really enjoy being the scariest male sounding creatures and monsters possible, but I get more fan male from being the voice of Nancy Drew on all her computer games, and of course in the World of Warcraft arena, it doesn't hurt to be the Succubus, Banshee, Harpy and more. I just like sounding totally like someone or something way different than myself. And the most fun I have being an old geezer is saying off color remarks like a senile wacko. Best of voicebox luck to all of you.
  • Thanks Joe...we're cousins now...

    Big Ed
  • Welcome Robert, Ladie, Pat, Wade and Big Ed!

    I'm seriously impressed how many of us like character acting...

    Kool Beanz!
  • Howdie lovel individuals of several tongues and assorted mischief. I am finally home where someone understands me. Check out Big Ed Voice Demo, on My Voiceover Space, for my Character VO snippets.
  • What a hoot! How come all you people talk funny?
  • Just joined and would recommend Pat Fraley and Bob Bergen.
  • and you do him well, JoeJ. I can't imagine there being much demand, though: kind'a like doing Lorne Greene or Wimpy or something, no?
    I'm a big fan of Beezebub and his evil minions myself. (Vocally only, of course.)
  • It depends on my mood for the day....that determines if I'm feeling a little Caribbean, cartoon or NYC cabby... lol
    I love this type of group interaction=)

    Ladie Mo$t...
    Finally, a support group for vocal schizophrenics; a sanctuary for those who are so uber-normal that they dare be abnormal.
    Thanks for the invite, Joe.
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