Got more than one voice in your head? Then this is the group for you! Join up if you're into Animation, Video Games, Accents, or just like to speak in tongues...
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  • Ahhh... this seems like the kind of site for me... fellow crazies! Yah. Thanks for letting me on here... looking forward to reading and learning.
  • Ahoy mates!
    Thanks for having me aboard! I may have to swab the deck a little before I can sail, but that's fine by me...

    Blair W
  • Hey Hey All,
    I'm in the midst of creating and corralling my characters into one, ample pen with the help of one of the greatest teacher/mentors a VO guy could ask for: Sir Pat Fraley. Watch out peeps, i'm just gittin' warmed up!
    Great to be a part of the clan, Mark
  • Hello to Bettye, Jay and Pat!

    Bettye: wow! great to have you here. I didn't realize you did the "Chiffon Margerine" spots - what a hoot!

    As for posting demos, I think they should go on your profile page primarily.

    If you have them on-line, you can post a direct link in a message by using the little link symbol (it says "Add Hyperlink" when you hold your mouse over it) - here's a sample from my site:
    Gravity Conservation (mp3)

    Happy Friday All!
    Joe J Thomas
  • What a great group! Many thanks in advance to Bettye Zoller for her kind offer regarding the creation of characters. I will definitely take you up on that!
  • A place with my peers finally. I can release my nutty side to other creative nuts who understand it's okay. LOL I Love it.
  • One of these days, invite me to talk about creating characters...I teach that. Free for you
    Bettye Zoller
  • Hello everybody. I'm the voice of cartoons, commercials, narrations, lots of toys, animation, anime, videogames....the first time I went to a meeting of AFTRA SAG as a newcomer and met people like me I flipped out. There were others who had voices in their heads. I'm one of you. Rock on. Bettye Zoller
  • How do we post our cartoon character voice demo here? Or do you visit our page or?
  • Hello Big Ed, Lani, and Dina... Welcome!!!
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