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  • Hi all,


    I just joined this forum and very excited about it cause character work is my passion. I have done quite a bit of commercial and character work over the last few years, and now I am in a fortunate position to escalate my voice career to the next level. I'd love your advice and feedback, and hope I can be of help to you as well!

  • We are a Web video producer with a strong interest in promoting the use of voice-over and sound design in Web presentations. It has been a battle to get clients to understand the value and impact of v-o and sound design but we keep trying.

    To that end we are instituting a new product based on what is referred to in the industry as Kinetic Typography. You have probably seen examples of this technique on YouTube where motion designers take famous movie monologues and animate the script with text. This technique is also becoming popular for TV commercials (re Denis Leary truck commercials).

    We have created three 60 second monologues in the style of Al Pacino in "The Devil's Advocate" and are looking for a voice-over actor to perform. Here is a link to the Pacino version:

    The project is a self-promotion so it doesn't pay much but if anyone out there is interested please contact me and I can provide the details. A sample audition would be required. If this is successful we have plans to do a whole series of these presentations in the style of Christopher Walken (Pulp Fiction), Brad Pit (12 Monkeys), Peter Finch (Network).


    Jerry Bader
  • im new to VO but I know i can do anime character voices if i really try. The Anime character voices I am currently working on are Kiba Inuzuka from Naruto, Helios from Bakugan New Vestroia, using the same voice i can also voice The Nine Tailed Demon Fox from Naruto and finally i can voice Chill Penguin from Megaman Mavrick Hunters X. Using my original voice i can do Zero from Megaman Mavrick Hunters X. Those are only some of the voices i can do you can ask me what other voices i can do but i cant keep track of most of them so ask if you want i dont know if I will answer. ^-^
  • I am a newbie to VO but not to character work. Hey all I am excited about this group. My 70 something mom and I call ourselves the original "teenage drama queens". I think that qualifies me to be a part of this group.

    In my past I did a children's ministry with puppets. We had 150 puppets and all the voices were mine:) When I ao to audition for plays I usually go for the character roles cuz they are the most fun. Do you see a pattern??

    One of the VO focus ideas for me is do animation and anything with character voices. So I look forward to this group.
  • As many of us will be attending the 2nd Annual NYC Voiceover Mixer on Saturday, Dec. 5th -- the hours for Bob Bergen's Voiceover Class in NYC that weekend have been changed to 10am - 5pm for BOTH Saturday and Sunday. Studio location is at John Marshall Sound, 630 Ninth Avenue at 44th Street.

    I have one spot available for auditing and/or taking the workshop. If interested, please contact me at 917-842-5395.

    Looking forward to seeing you this weekend at the Workshop AND The Mixer!


    Marian Massaro
  • Hi all,
    I love character work the most because I enjoy the acting and have a very "charactery" voice. I am happy to be a new member of this group. I am sure I will learn alot from all of you and hopefully I can share a bit as well.

    One often overlooked area of character work is toys. This is actually a bit different than other areas because everything is short snippets and lots of concatenation. I just started a group to talk about the Toys market if anyone is interested.
    Toys - Voices at play
    A group to discuss doing voice-over for interactive toys.
  • Oh, and Hi to all the voicelympics cruisers. Connie how did I miss you? Where you there?
  • Hi Lani, yes I recently voiced four characters in the Prison Break game, and usable voices is the key. You cant just pull out a bunch of silly accents and think you are doing different characters. Different attitudes, inflection, speech patterns, and so much more go into every person that you portray.
  • Thanks Joe for the welcome. Marian, just finished taking Bob Bergens workshop on the Voicelympics Cruise and it was one of the best workshops I have ever taken. If you get a chance Floridians, don't miss it when he comes in November. He gets the best out of you.
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