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  • @Lauren - Kudos on your game roles!  Wishing you many more to come (GlaDos was an awesome performance)
  • Hi all,


    I just joined this group because last year I voiced 6 characters for an online PC game and a female villainess in a wii game by ghostfire games. Character work is my passion and the more challenging, and wackier the better! I would love to continue to grow my video game vo career and become the next GLADOS or a voice in Bioshock (LOVE the VO in those games!!!) Yes, I am a voice actress animation and anime, and videogame geek and I am so glad to see I am NOT alone;)

  • @Heather - Improv and Stage work are great prep for video game characters.  LA Connection has several improv classes, and there's plenty of theater in the area. Building characters for video games is really just building characters for acting, with a bit of mic technique thrown in, IMHO.  Feel free to shoot me a message if you'd like more info...
  • Hey there, Does anyone have any recommendations for a video game workshop? I've started to get more auditions and I'm feeling a bit lost...Thank you!!!
  • List created on Machinima of Top 10 Game Voiceovers. Not my choices but interesting. http://bit.ly/fQZEuc Hope non of you guys are listed there!
  • Great chat with Adam Harrington Kevin. Thanks for putting it together.
  • I really appreciate this group! As a nerd AND actor I'd like to help turn the tide on these stereotypes about Voice-over in nerdy vehicles. Video games and English anime dubs take the hit hardest from the fan base because of how rocky things were in the early days. Today's Voice-Over artists deserve some credit!
  • Over here in France we get the craziest dialogue from the supposedly bilingual in- house translators...but lucklily for us they cannot get someone from around the office to do the voice...unlLESS of COUSE dey are looking just for an e-VIL french sounding perSON! So they call actors, thank goodness, usually!
  • Just from experience in having worked for Microsoft, usually what the industry will do is if it is not a big name they are using for the recording, they try to saave money by just using whomever they can find around the office. As the technology in video games advance, they should really advance the quality of the voices they have in the games too, at least in theory...
  • Ahhh, gaming VOs. Now yer speakin' my language.

    Glad someone finally put a group like this together. Thanks for providing this forum Kevin.

    I do all sorts of other VO work, but gaming is BY FAR the most rewarding for me. I'll choose becoming a zombie-pox infected evil pirate over narrating an in-house corporate video for microsoft any day of the week.
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