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  • Hello Buzz! Look forward to hearing the latest and greatest!

  • To all mothers and mother’s to be Happy Mothers Day!
  • Howard, great question. I have heard so many conflicting instructions on what a demo should and shouldn't be, and each one comes from successful professionals! Looking forward to a hint here.... Also, if the wrong type of demo (too long, too short, music, no music) is submitted, is the VO artist automatically "off the list" for potential work? Can one's marketing efforts overcome a demo that isn't exactly what they were looking for?
  • I'm working on a new narration demo for my website and I'm wondering what material would be most beneficial. Some considerations I've run across are travelogue, fiction, and non-fiction. Also, reading an excerpt from a classic novel was suggested, but how can this all fit in to a one to two minute demo? I'm not trying to combine eLearning tutorials and corporate narrations into the same demo, I'd rather keep them seperate. Any suggestions on what would work, a good script for travelogues, and what should be the timing of the whole demo?

  • Happy Holidays Everyone!!!
  • The jobs in Europe are growing. With two European agents now, it's really exciting to see how much American English unaccented voices can do. I cover this aspect in my Business seminars and first began voicing in Europe about four years ago aided by the fact that my youngest son and family live in Switzerland and Croatia and we visit there often. Now, it's better than ever and the jobs keep coming. If you are not connected in Europe, you should be.
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