A place where new voice over talent can get together and practice and grow together. Grab yourselves an acct w/ TokBox www.TokBox.com, and Let's Practice on cam or voice.
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  • Good afternoon everyone, I have been negligent with this group, I ducked away from VO for a while but I am back at it full force, let's see if we can get together, share some scripts and some reads.
  • Hi just throwing some of my practice reads out there Recording a pro demo soon and was wondering what style I should concentrate on.Any feedback would be appreciated. ThanksAboutCom1.mp3  BFGoodritch NPR.mp3 CastrolSyntec.mp3 AllstateAgent.mp3 


  • Ran across this at scaryideas.com and thought it was worth sharing, http://bit.ly/jhqRPJ
  • Okay, I got tokbox, so I am guessing anyone interested would video chat a practice script? Or would we record it and post it?
  • Hi group! Forgive me if I am confused, but what do I need to do here? I guess set up tokbox eh? Does it work like Skype? Thanks for all help. I think this will be an excellent group-I am looking forward to practicing and hearing others practice!

  • Is this open to Newbies and how do make this happen??? I now have the ability to send mp3 files. I have been looking for a practice group and since I have been unemployed from Nov 08; the price is right:) Let me know how to make this happen and what I need to do. Thanks in advance. Blessings:)
  • Doesn't anyone else want to try a reading? It doesn't have to be from my script. How about a critique for Ron's read?
  • Thanks Dan. You are very kind.

    Now that I have broken the ice let's hear some others.
  • That was well done, Ron. Very clean. Your voice drew me in and made me want to hear more
    Good job!
  • Here's my go at it. Since there was no time constraint nor any direction I went for a fairy tale type read and let it run at a 2:00 pace.RonPhillips_TravelOregon.mp3
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