Beau Weaver answers questions about the voices that are used to narrate trailers for feature films and thier television campaigns
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  • Hey everyone,

    Beau, I like you and other trailer vets at some point did time on the radio side of things and was always told that "the toughest nut to crack" in the voiceover business was movie trailers and promos.

    When someone says "you can't" or, "it's impossible" to make the transition, that's the kind of challenge that gets my attention. I am truly excited and inspired being with a group of pros who have the same drive and desire to succeed as I do everyday. Beau, keep up the good work.
    And Randy, You're right!! Marice Tobias in my opinion is the best!

  • Hey Beau,
    I have seen others uploading scripts to their groups. How about uploading some of the trailer scripts? I know I would dig that.
  • Hey everybody. Randy, I think everyone in radio gets that "broadcasters can't make the segue to voice-over work" speel. You're living proof, along with Beau, that "it just ain't so." I've truly been inspired for years by both your work and Beau's, keep it up!

  • Ya can't go wrong w/ Marice.
  • Hi All, Hey Beau!! I read your piece on why there are only 9 men who can cut through and be heard in the world of trailers. Yes I have been told for years that trailers are the "toughest nut to crack". But when I was a DJ I was also told that "broadcasters" can't make the segue into voice-over work. For me anytime someone tells me I CAN'T do something. I say WATCH ME! Sometimes for me the best gift someone could give me, is to say, I won't be successful at a particular thing. I love a challenge.
    This past year I worked with Marice Tobias and created a new trailer demo. I am not yet getting the opportunity to "scratch" but I remain undaunted.
    I will succeed at voicing trailers, and just like I have opened doors for women in Live Announcing, I will succeed in nudging the door a little bit more open for women.
  • I agree with Beau when he says that Trailers "is absolutely the toughest nut to crack in all of the entertainment business." But it is not impossible! That means that every single voice actor has has a chance to do that level of work. I sure am working to get to that level. Every day, I work on "my sound" and "my delivery" because someday, Don is going to retire and Ben and Scott will make enough money to buy small tropical islands. Andy Geller will discover his love for birds and devote his life to their protection and Tony Rodgers will run for Governor. And who do you think will be standing there, after all these years of working and waiting and marketing? That's right, You! (and me).

    They did it. And so can I!
  • Thanks for that Rummell story, DC - very cool insight. I started in 2004 and this year I've gone to finish on several trailers so it IS indeed possible.
  • DC is right......the Scott Rummell story proves that it can be done....and, demonstrates that however competitive this arena is, it can be done while remaining a gentleman. Scott and Don L. himself are both generous, kind, decent men. They deserve every bit of success they have attained. -Beau
  • Wow. Well I'm a patient man and I love a challenge! Thanks for the insight Beau.
  • Well, you certainly hit the nail on the head. I have had limited success in the U.S. but I do a lot of trailers in the U.K. via ISDN. Strangely, the Brits don't mind using ISDN but the folks in LA don't want to break in a new voice when it means extra "trouble" for them. I understand and you laid it out perfectly. Once again, well said.
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