Beau Weaver answers questions about the voices that are used to narrate trailers for feature films and thier television campaigns
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  • Boy Howdy Beau - I'm thinking about moving into the trailer park across the street and hand out demos. Might be a fast track to get into trailers.
    Mitch GIT-R-DONE Phillips
  • Hey Beau,

    Thanks for starting the group! It's sure easier to get into this than it is to break into that tight circle of trailer VO's. Really enjoy your work BTW. Gary
  • Beau,

    I second that emotion that B.Z. chimed in on...what's the key to getting into the trailer game?

    Ladie Mo$t...
  • Thanks Beau,
    I am a huge fan! I was just listening to KFRC airchecks last night!
  • Anybody have thoughts on who is producing the best trailer/promo demos?
  • "In a World...." Where all they talk about is Trailer Voices. TOTALLY COOL!
  • Hey Beau. All I want trailers and promos. I've managed to get a couple of auditions even though I don't have representation or a trailer demo (which is on the way). Is representation key to getting into the trailer game? If not, what is?
  • Hey Beau,
    I had to join after seeing the cute little Airstream trailer. Glad to be here.
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