Beau Weaver answers questions about the voices that are used to narrate trailers for feature films and thier television campaigns
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  • Hi, glad to be part of the group. Anyone know of a good site for up to date trailer transcripts? Looked on Edge .. not that good. Thanks and take care.

  • Hello everyone, glad to be part of the group.
  • Hi
    My name is Keith! New on the scene! When you have a minute - check me out (The Urban Knight Rider)! Glad to be apart of the group!
  • Hey now Beau, glad to be part of the group!
  • Hi, my dad says wants to be Tom Cane when he grows up. Any advise.
  • Hi everyone, I just joined Trailers as recommended by the VO Coach, happy to be here.
  • Hi Beau-
    Thanks for moderating this group. I am still awaiting my chance to say "In a world...." :)
  • Hi All-I just uploaded a new BLOG on the Voice For Hire book website abut Breaking Through. I would love your feedback on this!
  • That's a great analogy,Beau, and I appreciate every word you said...I know it's a long shot and you've really got to be lucky just to get your foot in the door. But...when you KNOW you've got it, when you KNOW that you CAN be that guy if you had your shot...if THAT doesn't keep you from never giving up, then nothing will. And that's why I will never stop trying to get my foot in the door...I know how things are here in LA...hey, THAT'S THE WAY IT IS!! So live with it, but don't ever stop...because you WILL get your shot...if you don't give up...
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