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  • Hi everyone, just checking in,  I really would like to know how to better get into this market. but I am not in CA... so...

    anyway hope everyone is good and moving forward. look forward to hearing more about this market. thanks

  • Does anyone know if there is there an business association of toy makers or other trade organizations that voice actors might find useful for marketing?
  • Hi, I got my first and so far only toy experience with the Mattel Digitec Diary this summer. I would love to know how to focus on this niche.

  • Hi Chuck, we haven't heard from you in awhile. Anything new in the Toy World?
  • thank you are you going to the conference? have a good day
  • Hi Jim and Victoria!
    Sorry, I have not been on here for a little bit.
    Jim, performing voices through your kids toys is an excellent way to practice doing voices, characters and such. You acting through the toy give it one advantage we never can though, you know what they said to you and can respond with something specific. We have to be very general.
    Unfortunately, I cannot accept pitch ideas from anyone outside the company. Even if I read them I can get a mountain of trouble. Quite often we have things in the works and people could suggest something similiar. Then there becomes a bunch of legal trouble of who really originated the idea. At this point, we have an internal team that does all the R&D, tests ideas with families, looks at what is on the market etc. The only outside ideas come from ideation companies that come to our R&D dept and then get contracted to come up with new ideas to pitch our way.
    Victoria, we send auditions out to the agents in the area with a short character description and a sampling of the lines we want to hear them do. The talent agencies then send us the auditions of people from their agencies who fit the part.
    We primarily use the following talent agencies
    Stars Agency
    Tonry Talent
  • How do you audition or find auditions for toy voices? It sounds like fun
  • Hi Chuck,
    Great group you have here! I'm a newbie in the VO biz and never considered doing voices for interactive toys (although I'm constantly performing voices for my kids through their toys). As a producer for LeapFrog, do you accept script or pitch ideas from other VO actors?

    Thanks for your input!
    Jim Anglo
  • Welcome Victoria! Toys are very much like children's entertainment. Both have the same audience and the same goals, to make kids happy. With a lot of toys these days being electronic, there are actually quite a few "talking" toys out there.
  • hello, I never thought of toys and voice over humm I to am new to the vocie over world but i have been a children's entertainer for many years and voices for toys seems very interesting. nice to meet ya all
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