Explore the world of ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement) and ask questions of one of the busier talents in this field, Paul Pape, who has done ADR for over 90 TV series and hundreds of feature films.
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  • Great to discover this group. I'm a Brit in L.A looking to do more full-on ADR but know it's hard to break in to a loop group. Most workshops are way too expensive!
  • Great to find this group on VU. Thanks Paul! I just moved from L.A. to Charlotte, NC, have experience and am looking for connections in the SE. Heard Prof. Fraley's :) great comments about ADR and re-voicing, and am still looking... ( well, I've only been here about 6 weeks!) Any ideas anyone?
  • Hi everybody I am a newbie and live in Florida, are there (if anyone knows) if there is any training for adr here? I am willing and ready to learn....All things are possible!!!!
  • So much to learn... and not being in the middle of the action is difficult as well.
    Look forward to learning a lot, so that when I'm called, I'll be ready! :)
  • I just found your page, I am very interested in the world of ADR, glad to be here with all of you.
  • New ADR/Looping workshop in Los Feliz - 4 Mondays, starting Nov. 16. Please contact me here or at cat@catherinecampion.com for more info.
  • Well I'm excited to be joined by all these pros. Look forward to connecting with all of you. This is an area i think I'd excel in with the right information. Blessings to you all.
  • Anyone know any good excercises to do for ADR? Vocal excercises that can help with ADR or Lip-matching? This could be helpful!
  • Bettye. I found a YouTube video on Sound Design for King Kong post production that might shed a little light on it!
  • It may become more prevelent and present more opportunities to VO artists. Many times in movies that are geared more towards makeup and costume an actor may be able to do the physical part, but the voice they have may not match the character. So an ADR session with a VO Actor is usually called for. Or in editing for Content, a perfect example I can think of was the Network TV showing of Smokey & The Bandit. They used ADR and looping to get past some of the language used mostly by Jackie Gleason's character (Sherrif Buford T. Justice) the problem is the VO Actor they got sounded nothing like JG or the character! Course that was aloooong time ago. Many things have changed since then.
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