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Words are just Words...or ARE they?

Words. Spoken, written, heard. We use them more than we realize. They are a crucial staple of our everyday existence.

The purpose of this group is for those of us with scribbling aspirations (or perspirations!) to get together and overthrow the world of ad executives without a creative cell in their carbon based forms. Okay, maybe not literally, but I would like to conspire, er, network with other copywriters as to how to best get rid of the bad copy that litters the ad waves. Into whatever form they morph, it is still generally very bad copy.

We are the Words Behind the Voices..let us stand for the obliteration of bad ads!

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  • Kim,

    I'm so glad to know you had a great time at the Wizard Academy. It's a special place, no question.

    Be well,
  • Okay...editiorial rant if I ever heard one, JS! Are you a copywriter or a VO talent?

    I just got back from the Wizard Academy in Austin, Texas, and NO...it has NOTHING to do with "Harry Potter"! Roy H. Williams has been on the cutting edge of advertising for years, and his clients have seen their revenues go through the roof.

    What business need to do is to show the customers they care about THEM. Not just blather on, giving meaningless, generalistic statements to the public on why they think they are so great, but SHOW them with actual statistics. Better yet, persuade them with visual copy, where the customer actually envisions themselves purchasing the product or service they offer. People don't care about you, until you show how much you care.

    This is why I got into copywriting...to try and get better copy into the world of radio ads. What is on the radio today, for the most part, sucks bricks.

    "Kicking and Screaming will the idiots in executive positions be dragged into earning higher revenue."
  • Kim,

    I've had the pleasure of studying more than once at the Wizard Academy. However high your expectations are, they'll be blown away before your class if finished.

    As for your central question, the main source for bad radio ads is the decisions of the advertisers themselves, who insist on running ads that sound just like everyone else's ineffective ads. Contributing are inhumanly short writing and production deadlines, corporate sales goals that grow less and less reachable by the quarter, and writers, voice talent and producers who don't know better.

    Be well,
  • This is a fairly complex question. But I do have my input. Depending on the market airing the radio copy really. As a voice over guy with a radio background, I am actually in a production department right now. We are a small market, about 120,000 people. The biggest problems we have are:
    1: A sales staff that is stuck doing it the old way.
    2. clients that want 80 seconds worth of copy in a 30 second ad.

    Those issues make it very difficult to create good copy from the writer standpoint or the talent standpoint. I wrote a really good spot last week that never made it to the air. Why? Because the sales rep came in and said.."there aren't enough words in this copy. Let's add...blah, blah, blah, there's never been a better time to buy" and various other cliche, lame phrases. Given the total freedom to create would solve a zillion problems. It gives the writer the chance to be creative, and the talent the chance to use their talent. I'm just sayin.
  • Hi Folks! I am off to see the Wizard! The Wonderful Wizard of Ads, that is! I am going to be participating in a class called Writing for Radio and Internet. I, for one, am ALL fired up to be a part of a group that will hopefully improve the quality of ads we hear on the radio these days. For more on the Wizard Academy, go to www.wizardacademy.org. The online class for Ad Writing is phenomenal, and gives a lot of fresh ideas for getting a customer's business out there!
  • Great idea for a group! You go, girl!
  • We are the creators of a new universe. We desire better copy for voice over artists the world over. No more shall stale sales associates write what they think their clients want to hear. Write outside the box, to the heart of the company, for their mission statement is bupkiss. Let us be the words behind the voices in their heads!
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