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  • Ok, so I need some advice from all you music types out there. I am working on my first professional CD and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for buying drum loops that you cab buy (preferrably individual) cut up and make your own beats out of. So I have looked into:




    Any other sites you would recommend?

  • HI all,


    I had to join this group! Ooooh, music in film, tv, and videogames is where I want to be! I am actually in the process of recording 6-7 songs I wrote and did vocals on for this purpose. I am so excited to hear the music in my head come alive, and I want to make sure it gets the opportunity to be heard. Any suggestions on how to get the music out there? Thanks for your help!

  • Wishing all my Musician VU Friends...a Healthy, Prosperous & Blessed MMX!

    If you're a friend I haven't met yet...come on over!
  • I signed with a music producer who is in South Beach, FL. I made my first Dance song. It's called Gonna Make You Dance. The only weird thing is that everything I do with him has to be under the name Daphny instead of Deby.
  • Not sure if this will be of any interest to anyone but I came accross this job posting:

    I need a composer to compose short 10 second sound bytes of music of different styles. These music pieces would be put into custom cards with sound for corporate clients for the most part.

    We get alot of requests for spy music, rock & Roll, hawaiian style, blues, love song, birthday greeting, etc. We currently have some sound files but would like some new fresh ideas. Must be original music and we must be given the licensing rights. Vocals would be extra plus.

    Would like to start with 10 different sound files. You can go to my website to see the what we currently have - cleversoundpromotions.com. Go to the sound library.

    Or if you have a few original pieces that a good sound byte can be used from, let me know.

    I am not the one who posted this job. It just came accross my inbox.
  • Wow, what a great site!
  • I'm lovin' the jammin' kitty! Meeeeeee-oooowwwww-wow-wah-wah!!
  • Hey Roy,
    I have some R&B vocals that need instrumentation. I'd love to send it to you.
    Deby Cedars
    (203) 735-1235
  • Hey Roy you asked me about my music....Here is a link to a cover song I did and at the bottom you will find a link to a song I'm working on now.
  • Roy - Awesome music site! Thanks for giving us the link. Incidentally, especially on that first track, your voice kind of reminds me of Richie Havens' ... Great stuff!
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