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  • Hi Leon - Unfortunately microphones are not my field of expertise.  The Doctor gives out more advice about acting in commercials than advice about equipment. Sorry I couldn't help you out on this one.  I would recommend you contact George Whittam (info@eldorec.com).  He is a tech guy that would be best suited to answer that question.  Good luck!!


  • what are some good USB mic  to start with
  • Happy New Year to one and all!!
  • William-son Happy to join the "doctor" and look forward to the SKPE sessions soon! I've been Stuped before but never like the "Band"....

    Ba ba ba blah blah balh, I mean ma ma ma... Margarita!
  • Hey Bettye - No surprise that our paths haven't crossed as I've never been to Dallas before. I'm looking forward to checking it out. I had met a lot of people on a Voiceover Cruise that I participated in and some of them had invited me out there for Margaritas. I never turn down a margarita! Anyway this is my "holler". Hope 2010 is a good one.
  • THe other day someone said they are coming to Dallas to attend a workshop with you and so I want to say hello and get in touch with you as our paths in Dallas have not crossed somehow and it is my home base. 32 years in the voice biz and I coach. Give me a holler. Can't imagine why we don't know each other by now.
  • Bill,
    It was great working with you again and even better getting to enjoy your vocal stylings in karaoke. I'm sorry you couldn't make the B-B-Q, but as Julie Williams would say, "That's Life." (or would she say, "That's 'New York, New York?'

  • Bill,
    I've attended three improv classes, with my 4th coming up tomorrow. In one scene, I and another student created a dojo setting complete with weapons workout. Afterward, the instructor commented he immediately visualized the weapons based on our movements.

    It feels as if I'm on the right track.

  • Hey Barry,

    Nice to hear from you. If there's anything we at Compost Productions can do for you let me know. You are on the list babe.

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