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  • Ever feel that it takes you ten times longer to accomplish simple tasks and that you are carrying the world on your back? Just remember that even the snail, whose every step is filled with perseverance, will eventually reach its destination.

  • Take a moment today to remember why we do what we do.  Not for money or fame, but to experience the sheer joy that comes when you are able to play and experience life free from worry of judgment.


  • LOL - Great to see you Pat - thanks so much - 

    What a great group this will turn out to be!
    Luv ya both

  • I totally agree Deb!

    I thought I was already part of your group Deb? I will have to get over there and find it and join. Hope all is well.

  • I think you will soon find that this is one of the best coache's and zaniest actors you'll ever meet.


    I"m her number one fan

    Love you Elley-Ray

    PAT - why aren't you joining my group - I sware you don't love me anymore  ; )

  • Glad to be part of this group Elley and look forward to future discussions.


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