If the words MOH, IVR, ACD, and AA mean something to you, you're probably working in the telephony industry. Here you can discuss issues, both technical and artistic, that you've encountered.
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  • Hi all!
    I just wrote a blog post all about telephony:



    Press Pound(ing headache) for those pesky telephony formats
    When you’re a voice talent, as you progress in your chosen profession, you will probably find yourself doing more of one type of work than a...
  • Hello anyone home? I haven't seen any posts in while so I figured I would say hello to all. I know everyones busy working, but lets chat about it!

  • Hello,
    Great to be part of this group and thank you for sharing it with us. Peace and health to all.
    Isabella Arevalo
  • Hello and Thank you for calling our company! If you know your parties extension you can dial...... Hey There! IVR VOA'S! I do my share to and love it! Glad to be part of the group! Sincerely, Diane Merritt
  • Greetings all - anyone want to know about Vox Studio and how it can be a huge time saver for telephony, just ask!
  • HI, friends! I am glad you've joined me!! I love my telephony business and look forward to continued development. My studio is very basic, but works well. I SO MUCH want to have a real booth and ISDN capability. It's all just a matter of money.
  • This is great. I'm looking forward to being a member of this group and its growth as well.
  • Thanks Roxanne for turning me on to this website and the groups/forums.
    When I get a moment I will contribute full and meaningful insight into the wonderful world of telephony voice-overs.
  • Hi Roxanne,
    I look forward to some good info from this group about technical stuff!
    Thanks for creating this group.
  • Hey Roxanne!
    What an awesome idea!
    Yep IVR & MOH are a big part of my biz!
    Looking forward to keeping in touch!


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