A way for teens to have a group of us to talk to. that way we know how many teens are involved, hopefully it will get bigger and we will all have people our age to talk to.
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  • ^-^ Hello
    :D I just joined this group because Im also a teenager and I havent really seen any others on here. And I got a message from Zurek that you guys had this 'Teen Talk VO style' I look forward to talk to everyone.

    ~*~ Brittany
  • Hey, pleasure to meet you... well, those of you who are members at this point! I look forward to getting to know you all better, and maybe even working together in the future!

  • Hey travis,
    why thank you, i hope so aswell,
    their are very few of us teen voicers and i thought it would be a good way for us all to have someone to talk to and get advice from.

    And yes i won a Voicey award on Voices.com. and thank you.
    What work have you been up to?

    :D :D :D.
  • Hi Brandi!
    I am glad to join your group. I hope we get more people to join. It will be great to talk to other teens/preteens in the business since I haven't met that many.

    Thank you for starting this group. I heard from my mom, Connie Mustang, that you won an award for Best Kid Voice in Voice Overs, Congratulations! Keep up the good work.

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