A way for teens to have a group of us to talk to. that way we know how many teens are involved, hopefully it will get bigger and we will all have people our age to talk to.
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  • Brandi you have me if you need me, and Travis too. He's running a 102 fever this evening so I'm answering for him. Hopefully he'll be back to his ol' self in a few days and will be able to answer your post himself. I'll put the word out to other V.O. teens and see if we can get your idea "On the Air."
  • OK, OK, so I'm a teen wanna' be. Like Dick Clark - the world's oldest teenager, right Brandi? But hey, you just might need one of those rough-around-the-edges movie trailer type voices for your RADIO DRAMA stuff (like we talked about on the VoiceLympics Cruise). Count me in.
  • EVERYONEE~~ please join my discussion RADIO DRAMA,
    i have many ideas and would really like to get this started... tell every teen interested that you know! thank you !
  • Welcome Krystian,
    I'm glad you found us. It's a great group of teens, I'm sure you'll love it.
    Good luck to you and keep reaching for those stars.!
  • Hello Everyone! I got referred here by Connie. I'm 16 years old senior in high school. Voice over is a passion for me though I get ridiculed often by family and friends. Anyways It's nice to be here and nice to meet everyone!
    P.S http://www.voiceoveruniverse.com/forum/topics/16-year-old-wanting-t...
    That following link is my story in case anyone was interested.
    16 Year old wanting to join the voice over community. Looking for advice.
    Hello everyone! My names Krystian Pupo I Live in northern New York and im 16.Senior in high school at the moment. Ever since I was little everyone in…
  • Brandi, Happy belated birthday sweet girl! I hope it was awesome and that all your birthday wishes come true for you. Have a terrific year!
  • hoping we can get on this group project soon :) looking forward to it!!
    check out my new discussion!!
  • Hey everyone
    I was thinking that the ones of us that are active members could maybe do
    a Teen Vo thing
    I have a few anime clips and stuff, maybe we could all do a project
    if we get enough members maybe we can do it
  • Hi Brandi & Teen VO artists, Happy New Year!
    I happen to read Brandi's last post and agree that there are many things that you teens can teach adults. So if you don't mind, I would love to be a part of your group to learn. Being that I do teen voices and I am currently writing a young adult novel, it would be a benefit for me to experience "your world" first hand. What better experience for a VO artist then to learn how to speak like a teen, directly from a teen?
    Thanks for the add, I'll mainly be observing more than anything else. A Teenage Voice, Connie
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