This group was created to talk about the credence that the story of "The Golden Voice," Ted Williams has given to the voiceover industry.

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  • Even though most of the posts in this group are several weeks old, recent events surrounding the new voice of AFLAC, Dan McKeague and the reaction from many in the voice over industry to his success have prompted this post in this group.

    Please allow me:   My Final Word on Ted Williams

    My Final Word on Ted Williams.

    It's good that we put this whole thing into perspective. I love Ted's story. It's not a hoax. Of course, the media loved it as as a "feel good" story to start off the new year with. I'm happy that it happened, although, I too was getting so many emails I had to turn off the flow for a day or so. It’s brought  some new sparkle to what we do. And will serve to perpetuate the power of the spoken word.

    Even though to many it seemed like Ted found a short cut to fame and fortune, it’s shown to me once again that everyone must find there own path through the giant MAZE of deterrents and misfortunes. Ted had his training and career in place in the past when he took a left turn somewhere along the way and hit rock bottom. Is it neccessary that all of us do this? No...but sometimes it does work. More importantly, he found a way to cut through his maze. With perseverance, faith and a little luck. We’ve all heard the expression... the harder I work the luckier I become! Ted was homless, yes, and communicated to passersby with his sign. When they stopped, he showed them what he had... performing for them with those great pipes of his. Until one day someone really noticed him and his unique situation.

    My performing background and love of music brought me to Nashville many years ago. Although I had minor success, (minor to me but not always to others) as a singer/songwriter, I never achieved what I set out to do. Fulfiil my life long dream as a recording artist. That BIG recording deal remained elusive as I was cutting through my MAZE in Nashvilles’ music biz.
    And I got very close to that elusive record deal. I also got the chance to see things many will never see. I got behind the scenes. Not always a pretty sight either. I’ve seen people like Ted hit the skids and the bottle and drugs. Even highly succesful people who couldn’t handle it , turned to drugs and hit the bottom. I ran into road block after road block and it exhusated me like nothing ever had before and I began to burn out.

    Along the way, I discovered voice over work. A way to perform and vocalize in a new and different way. I also found a different kind of MAZE. The one I am currently and succesfully, I believe, working my way through. If I’m clever enough maybe I can find a short cut through it. Those negative forces are always out there waiting to bring you down.
    But only if you let them. I remain postive because of where I’ve been. I have more control now over my own future. We all do! If we just take charge of our own destiny. Yes, everything does happen for a reason. If we understand something about that reason we can use it to build upon. To take the right turn through the MAZE. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger! Because that’s one more road block or hurdle we’ve overcome. Remaining on our own iindividual paths to success.

    So God bless Ted... God bless us all. Ted found his pathway and we’ll find ours.
    Hopefully he can keep it all together. Hopefully we will too.

    And good luck to Dan as well! I hope this is the start of something huge for you!

  • I find it unbelievable how some old pros are simply jealous of Ted's good luck.  In this life, things happen to people under strange circumstances.  If Kraft or any other company wants him, the company ultimately has the right to choose whoever they want.  Anyone attempting to rain on Ted's incredible lucky break should be ashamed.  He has suffered enough from his mistakes and deserves a lucky break to capture his true potential.
  • Agree with Steve..Time will tell and the media itself has helped to make ..dare I say "lucky for Ted" The road is long as we all know..
  • I have to agree with Steve Hammill on this.  So many of us wait for our big break.

    Being an addict, a criminal , bouts with the police  and a deadbeat dad for 20 plus years he gets a lucky break?  Ive worked in the radio industry for 25 +  have done some voice overs and have a great voice too so what do I have to do stand on a street corner holding a sign dressed like Im homeless and an addict? Oh and  hes had a job offers in Hawaii? Oh thats good send him to the Islands where they have a huge problem with "ICE"  what we call "speed" . Ted will need treatment not job offers yet.

    I am a single parent with not one penny from my ex where's my break?

  •  Sorry Zurek, Ted Williams is not a beggar - he's a criminal who got a lucky break. Having had my llife collapse 35+ years ago and stumble on good fortune, I hope he makes the most of it. But this is the real Ted Williams as we know him today - until his long-term actions prove otherwise:

    He's got a long way to go before I consider him my peer.




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