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My favorite audio editing tool for Voiceover


As I have mentioned frequently, I am a long time hater of Pro Tools. If you are recording multiple channels of music, routing through plug ins and locked to picture, it sure is the right tool. But for recording and editing voiceover tracks, it is a needlessly complex and cumbersome resource hog. And those are it's good points.

I cannot count the calls I have taken from folks who are new to home recording, literally in tears, trying to figure out how to save a simple recording as an mp3 file with Pro Tools. And don't even get me started on how any OS update from Apple usually renders Pro Tools inoperable. And a year to support Leopard? Give me a break. But I digress.

I have done extensive testing of virtually all the audio editors for Mac OSX, including, Logic, Soundtrack Pro, Peak, Adobe Sound Booth, Sound Studio 3, Wave Editor, Amadeus Pro, etc. On the PC platform, I was a long time fan of Sony Sound Forge, but they do not have any plans to port the app to Mac. Peak has it's fans, but it crashes regularly, and support is spotty. I was liking Sound Studio 3 a lot, but there were some bugs, and omissions and the developer did not respond to support requests at all. All of the above programs have their strengths and weaknesses, but for the way I like to work, they were just not quite right.

Anyway, I have been working with a software developer to perfect a suite little app that I just love, and I want to pass it along to you. For my money, the best tool for recording and editing voiceover is: TwistedWave. And, the price is 49 Dollars!*

It loads in about one second. No changing cursors into different tools. It works like a word processor. It saves directly as mp3 files, and will convert between almost all important audio file types. It exports the selected portion of the waveforme as a new file, of any type you specify. Navigation is a dream. You can zoom horizontally in the waveform and zoom in all with the tiny trackball in the Apple Mighty Mouse. It will record the highest resolution audio, sample rate and bit depth your sound card supports. It works with any digital interface that uses Apple Core Audio. For the advanced user, keyboard shortcuts are customizable, and you can create and save customized effects stacks of AU plugins.

I have worked closely with the guy who created the program to make some ease of use tweaks and fine tuning. He has responded to every one of my requests the same day. I think if you spend a little time playing with it, you may fall in love too.

You can download from this link, and try for a 30 day evaluation period for free. A major 1.5 update has just been posted, with additional improvement in development.

I have been using this as my daily editor for some time now and it is a huge time saver. If you are also a musician, or music producer, then Pro Tools is obviously. If all you need to do is record voiceover sessions, quick edit and cleanup and ship off via ftp, then give Twisted Wave a try, and never look back.

Full Disclosure: I am a paid user, and receive no compensation for this recommendation, other than gratitude for a tool so ideally suited for the task at hand.

Beau Weaver

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  • Hi:
    I have just finished putting together my studio equipment and need some advice.

    Eventually, I will be building a 4'x6' DAWBOX sound booth. In the meantime I am using a Harlan Hogan PortaBooth and some make-shift soundproofing.

    I have been considering getting an sE Electronics SERF Reflexion Filter 3.5. However, they are somewhat pricey ($300).

    Does anyone in this group have any experience with one of these. Do you recommend them?

    Thanks for any help you can provide.

    Meantime, take care.

  • Jon-Paul, I've got a question for you on PT - what plugin do you use to remove mouth 'clicks' or other transients? Up until about 3 months ago, I had used Audition and it had the built-in ability to remove clicks and pops including the ability to 'remove single click' from a selection. Since PT doesn't inherently have that capability, I went out and bought SoundSoap - hoping that that would be the magic bullet - it wasn't. I know CEDAR Audio makes an auto declicker, but I really don't feel like throwing money at another plugin that may or may not do what I'm looking for.

    Any ideas?
    Thanks a lot,
  • I have just purchased a Rode NTG-2 shotgun microphone (sounds quite nice with some EQ, but it's early days !).

    Something different - has anyone done voice overs on a regular basis using a lavalier microphone ? It seems odd I know, but i've just watched a video on Vimeo, and the guy had a great quality Sennenheiser model, and it was very good for proximity.
  • Hola everyone...Guys...Need some help here. I am going to tell you my equipment and you can tell me if I need something else. The reason I am asking is because I just can get the right sound that sounds clear and sharp like you guys'...May be is my ignorance of my equipment (most likely) but here it goes...

    I have an MXL-SP1 mic (RodeNT1A will be here tomorrow)
    Emu1616m mic pre with soundcard (connected straight to pc with q cable)
    PC with Intel core2 due processor (for VO only no internet)

    Can you look at this and let me know if I need something else. If not, do you recommend a better way of hooking this thing up? Thx in advance and so sorry for the damn question... (:
  • I must admit, that although I am very computer literate, I was having lots of trouble getting my voice over devices to work with the software. I found a guy who came over and got me up and running in less than half an hour. He also taught me to edit my recordings and be ongoing with his support. YES!!
  • Beau,
    If I download, can I use it with my MBox2 mini (that came with Pro Tools 8?). If not, which box is best? I am so frustrated with Pro Tools 8, I am ready to make a switch.
  • I'm pretty new to all of this but having first tried "Audacity" with less than pleasing result, I switched to Adobe Audition. At this stage, my navigation and usage of the many features of the program is still pretty elementry but it seems to offer a lot and I haven't had any issues that are not attributable to my own lack of experience. I would welcome any insights from anyone else who has experience with "Adobe Audition" I am, currently PC based.
    I would also like to offer up, to any who might be interested, the website "". This is a website that has interactive tutorials for a wide spectrum of software programs. Some of you who are unaware of it may find it useful.
    All the best.....................................................lee
  • I checked out Twisted Wave and it is a good program for those who just want to record their voice. It has a very smooth and colorful interface. And a new price tag of $79.90. Audacity which is free can do much of the same thing.

    I experimented with Twisted Wave with a USB Audio Technica 2020 and the sound was good and I was able to navigate and run the program as soon as I downloaded the trial version. The program menu is very easy to understand. I'm sure after a few uses and reading some of the literature on the program I could discover more of the features and shorts cuts available.

    I am full featured digital audio editor fan whether it's Pro Tools, SAW, Adobe Audition, WAVE LAB. ACID, LOGIC, CUBASE, or Sound Forge whether the platform is Mac or PC. In 8 years I have not encountered the problems that I have read and heard about in my use of the MAC or PC. If I encounter a problem with a software running on a Mac or PC. I'll uninstall the software and reinstall it.

    Then I'll visit the audio software website for updates and check the site for possible bugs. All computers crash at on time or another. Also software is not perfect. Developers create updates when they find out their program is failing. Also, never rely on one machine or one program always have a back up.

    I use to hate Pro-Tools until I started using it. Now I love it as much as I love Adobe Audition which is also a great program. And with Fusion or Parrallel you can have the best of both worlds with the new MacIntel machines. Windows programs can now run on Macs even through Boot Camp.

    Finally, I have discovered that all the software programs are good in one way or another. What makes a software program great is how much you as the individual operator can get out it.
  • Thanks For having me. I hope to learn a lot from all of you.


  • Hi,
    Thanks for allowing me to join. I need some help. I've been shopping around comparing notes and am more confused. What studio in a box would you recommend? I have a pc although I hope to purchase a mac in the future. Does it make a difference?
    I went to bed last night with my eyes crossed from reading so much. Any help would be truly appreciated.
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