This Group is set up for us to share pictures of our Home/Work Studios, in order to give others ideas on how to set up their workspaces.
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  • This is the twisted little world I live in.

  • Thanks Lance. Feel free to post some pics...we love 'em. Be well.
  • Hi everyone - great to be part of the group!
    GREAT set-ups.....I can only learn and dream!!!
    I have just moved here from Australia, where I have been working for the last 10 years.
    VERY different scenario there - I get ALL of my work through my agent and go into the studios.
    I am not good with technology and have not had to record at home - this is all very new.
    I am currently in the process of setting up my first basic home studio with the view to upgrade in the future.
    Goals: I travel a lot for work, so the studio needs to be somewhat portable.
    So - I have a MAC and an MBOX 2.
    I was told that the Apogee Mini-Me would be a great pre-amp for my basic set-up whilst satisfying the portability requirements.
    Problem....they seem to be hard to find these days....and I don't want to purchase off eBay.
    Can anyone suggest a good vintage audio dealer where I might be able to pick up a well serviced used unit? Or other suggestions for how to pick one up?
    Or suggest a good alternative with digital output, Phantom Power and XLR connectors.
    The Focusrite ISA ONE was suggested to me - thoughts? A little too big...
    Any advice that would bring me out of the dark would be greatly appreciated.
  • I'm on Adobe Audition 3.0 now, I also have Sound Forge if I need it. And I think there is another audio editing program in there too - I don't know. My engineer ROCKS and takes such good care of me! (of course at a price)
  • Studio's looking good!!! What Software do you run?
  • Hi Gang! I got an additional monitor and a new computer! My engineer built the computer - it's massive and with 3 fans in it - it made way to much noise. so I put it in a closet next to my studio and sound proofed the closet door for extra noise security. Here's some new pics.
  • We have some new members who have yet to share their studio spaces with us. Feel free to upload pics anytime and spread the work, as it is always cool to see other studios.
  • Great Pics Dan. I understand why you would be distracted :o)
  • Hey guys! Here are a coupla pix from the Hurst Taco Rancho and Voiceover Emporium. A couple of the studio and one of why I don't get much work done sometimes.

  • This is my rack in the home studio (studio B). Amek/Rupert Neve Pure Path and a DBX 166 for processing a TLM 103.
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