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  • Hey! So glad to be a part of South Florida VO talent..let me know about any seminars, etc coming up..would love to participate! Call me anytime or just email me!
  • never mind ... I'm suppose to know how to read... I now see the click the banner at the top message he he :-)

  • sorry guys - hi Im Felisza Ft. Lauderdale, I seem to have totally missed the boat on that voiceovermiami thing.  When I went to it - it was someone's personal site.

  • Mike that voiceovermiami website is a personal VO's webpage no? he can voice in 3 different langauge sounding native is what he is advertising.

  • Hey Mike!! I'm still waiting to hear from you. please shoot me a call @ 954.354.6878
  • i live about the same sorry
  • very cool.........
  • I just bought a Shure SM7B!!!!!!! I love this mic!
  • Hey Loren...I'm in Sunrise>> would love to meet up sometime if you're in the area~
  • Loren Hi I am Roz Smith up in the Palm Beaches. I am still pretty new but i am networking a lot and so far volunteered my voice for a project #1 for the experience and #2 to build my credentials....I can recommend that you give Gina Martel a call..... she is however in Miami....She if you remember does Love 94 with the Brazilian Jazz show.....
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