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  •'s been a while since you all have heard from me....that is due to lack of work.NOW, I'm back to climbing and will have the resources to get some coaching/training. I'll need to know of someone who's either in Dade or Broward to coach and train me to be what I need to be.If you know of someone whos in the area, call me and let me know who and how much.
    Loren G 954.354.6878
  • Hi Mike I am just getting started and I am up in 'West Palm Beach! How goes it?
  • Anybody have any experience with
  • Merry Christmas Voices!! I had a recent Break up last week...and the cell number no longer works (she shut it off) so, I have Magic Jack. I now can be reached at 954.354.6878 you have a safe holiday!
  • Just poppin' in to say Happy Holidays to everyone here in S. FL~~
  • if anybody wants to BS......I can be reached here 863.221.5609
  • Loren,

    I know it's a tough decision. When you operate on a shoestring budget, money decisions always are. I'm still firmly planted in the realm of the 'bottom feeders' myself, BUT, if I didn't feel like I could be competitive I would spend the money for a coach. The fact is, as soon as my coffers are a little fatter, I plan on employing Betty Zoller-Seitz as mine. Bettye has been a large influence in my career already (and many others as well). I would recommend her without any reservations whatsoever.

    If you choose her, tell her Ran sent ya!

    Merry Christmas Bro ...............

  • well damn.....I was going to use the money I made from V123 to get a coach. I'm stuck. And, it's not looking good either. Thankyou all for your help and experiences. Happy Holidays.
  • Mike ... I think you're take on P2P sites is right on. My experience is just opposite yours ... I've never gotten a 'hit' at V123, but I have gotten a nibble at If you can stay in the mind set that they're both very good tools to hone your skills and keep you eyes on the higher goal (agents and quality self promotion) then the experience is worth it in my opinion.

    I'm just finishing a E-lesson with Julie Williams and even she refers to the P2P sites as fodder for the bottom feeders. But she adds that for those of us still swimming at the bottom of the pool, we should do just what you suggest ... use the time to hone your craft. A caveat here though .... Julie and many of the giants out there subscribe to both sites mentioned here and they gobble up the 'big' jobs before they ever get close to the bottom.

    OK, I'm ramblin' off for another cup of coffee.

  • Loren,
    I've been with Voice123 for exactly a year. During most of that year I was auditioning but hadn't really gotten the sound I wanted/needed from my studio/equipment. So I was getting NOTHING. Recently that has begun to change. Still sporadic but my subscription has been covered. I'm also on There, so far, nothing. I mean NOTHING. Actually I think someone called me via their service but in sum NOTHING. Of course, one of their salespeople informed me of their 1200 dollar upgrade to a higher status that would help he get more hits, but at this point I'm not sure if I'll re-up even at the lower rate. I'm also getting a lot of email from other pay to play sites. My goal is to get an agent and gain access to jobs that pay. These pay to play sites are killing the industry with a gazillion jobs for $50 each or 300 page audiobooks for $750. It's crazy. Makes no sense other than as a way to hone your craft.
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