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  • I can't help but think.....
    what's to stop voice123 from using our auditions as "the read" they're looking for? I just have this feeling of being taken. I don't think I will do anymore of them till someone who knows, tells me what's up on V123. It seems I just can't win. I really HATE climbing towers but, that maybe really all I'm good for. Please let me know what you all know about voice123. I'd really appreciate it.
  • Thanks Mike ...... blessings to ya my friend.

  • Sage advice, Ran.
  • I will keep all that in mind Ran...........Thank you.
  • I hear ya about the money it takes for coaching. Though I've had a bit some years ago for theater, I can't afford to hire a pro now either. The formula I use is simply this ...

    Research and read anything and everything you can about acting in general and of course VO in particular. Some you can find at the library and others you have to save a few bucks for.

    Then go to sites like 'The Audies' where you can listen to a wide variety of the top VO's in audio books (that's where my focus is) ...

    Pay attention to all the top adds you hear on the tube and radio. I've even taken a tape recorder and taped them so I could replay them often.

    Then I do my best to mimic everything they do ... voice inflection, stresses .. the works. PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE.

    It doesn't replace what you can gain from a good coach, but until I can afford one, I'll just keep on doin' what I do.

    Hang in there ..........

    This domain may be for sale!
  • I don't "stop" per's the fact I haven't worked doing towers in quite some time....and I need a coach. I recently priced them.....and there's no way I can reach that high a number. So, that's what I meant by too soon. The site and the people on it are awesome!
  • Hey Loren,

    Why would you say that? This site is full of good stuff. Folks may not get back to you on things right away, because they're busy doin' what they do ;o) Don't let that stop you from searching, researching, studying and listening, listening, listening .....

  • I think I joined these sites too soon.
  • Ran, what are your secrets to audiobook success?
  • do you use skype per chance?
    if so add me....I am "phatstring" (bass player)
    we can BS whenever time allows.
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