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  • Greetings and Howdy. Ran Alan Ricard here, from North Port, FL. (via the Wilds of Wyoming for a number of years). This is a new journey for me, so I'll most probably be conducting myself by the 'sponge' theory. You guys talk and I'll listen, absorbing all the good things you happen to throw my way.

    It is good to be here.

  • While Tampa isn't exactly 'South Florida' (I don't think)- I figured I'd join the group closest to my new home :) Good to see everyone here!
  • I was running around doing things in the kitchen, had the TV on and was multi-tasking -- and then I heard that beautiful, familiar voice!!!! That was SO cool....!!! You ROCK Randy!!!
  • Hi Mike, Thank you so much! I am back home after one amazing night in Denver at Invesco Field. Barrack was so inspiring and I am so proud to have been a part of such an historical night!!
    All best,
  • a big CHEER for our own Randy Thomas....for a great job announcing last night in Denver!!!!
  • Hey Ed,

    I signed up at a little less than a year ago. I think I got the 99.00 membership (which I don't think exists anymore). I don't audition every single fact probably only around 5 days out of the month....but I have made just over 1,000.00 from there with about 9 or 10 jobs. I honestly can't say how many auditions it took to reach that....but I would say close to 150 at least.....
  • Hey Guys,
    I'm here representing Miami Gardens/Miramar! I live in MG and work in Miramar for CC.
    I just got some insight on this VO Miami thing. I think I'll look into it...but I wanted to know about the pay for hire sites like voice123 and others. Was it worth it? I made a post about it here, please respond there. Thanks
    I'm thinking about joining one of if not a few of these voice for hire sites. Does anyone have any advice or thoughts about them?
  • OMG>>>>> 3 weeks in LA (working and Voice2008) now back to THIS weather. I have 4 affiliates that I have dialed in for sessions that I have sat and talked to for 10 mins or so....then some overlapping...the sessions...because of the RAIN.....POUNDING RAIN...sorry to bitch about the weather all the time....but any of you that were in LA know what I am feeling right now. And great to meet you Randy and Caryn......sorry...just frustrated by our crappy weather here..
  • EGGSELLENT...Thanks for the insight!!!!
  • VO MIAMI also has a website you can put your DEMO on as well for less than the CD so thats another option.
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