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  • Hello!? Anyone posts since 2012??

    Hey....I'm flying in VO Tech LEGEND, George Whittam to spend a day at my studio.  Anyone else here in S. Florida need him?

    Let me know

  • Sellin' my 1 year old Whisper Room! Many extra's, just like NEW, save big $$$. S. Florida location...e-mail me for pic's and any more details

  • Hello South Florida VO "People"!  Jerry Pelletier here...count me in if someone puts together a VO session.

    I'm in Palm Beach Gardens....did Radio in Chicago, Sacramento, Houston and doing VO full time.

  • Hi all!  Moved to South Florida a couple of months ago.  Signed in here to update my info and it was nice to find a local group.
  • Greetings! So glad to see there is a South Florida group. I wanted to drop in and say hello. I hope the world of VO has been treating you well.

  • Hi everyone, sorry it's been so long since I've posted.  @David, the site is and it is a "pay to play" site, so to speak.  As Gina mentioned, there's a demo to guide you through the process, but I have found my inclusion to pay for itself every year and I even get calls from places in Los Angeles.

    There is an outfit in WPB that offers VO classes, but it's mainly for beginners.  Top Hat Productions offers a couple of seminars a year.  May be worth looking into if you're a newbie, but for those that are looking for something a little more intense, this may not be it.

    I, too, am interested in partaking in a workshop that would further my chops, if anyone knows of something, please share.


  • What's that website address to the Miami voiceover page?
  • Hey David, maybe we need to offer a VO seminar. Lots of folks here that want to learn how to do VO. Also, Felisza, voiceovermiami does have a website and I am actually doing the tutorial on it. I've been on it for comes out once a year but you can jump on. Hey..I think I hit something wrong can email me..ignore that stop following do I take that off? lol.
  • DVS Voice Overs in Seminole Florida is here and looking for some VO Gatherings.
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