If you're geographically removed from a major market then join in and let's talk about the ways we handle marketing, representation, our home studios and anything else we "out in the sticks" folks can think of.
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  • Good luck with it! If you need any chamber advice I'm happy to help!
  • Welcome Jerry and Lauren!

    I have the same problem here-especially in tv...the productions are usually voiced by the owner (or the owner's daughter-lol), and while I can sometimes understand wanting the personal, local-boy or girl type approach, most of them are just so poorly performed.  Ach well, we keep on...right?  I am still thinking of joining the Chamber...it really does sound like the best thing for me.  Thanks for all the tips and info!!~Becky


  • Hi everyone! I just joined this group because I saw some great ideas floating around here. I live in the CNY area and have had the SAME problems with finding the local work.The radio and TV stations find whatever person is around and throw them into a studio to record. I am surprised businesses are ok with Jo Blow representing their company!!!


    Whats worked best for me? Talk to production houses in your local chamber of Commerce or surrounding chambers of commerce. These are people who want to be involved in the community. Progressive outside of the box thinkers. I actually was a membership coordinator for my local chamber until last year when we went through a merger. One of the new clients I brought on board ended up with the largest furniture account in the area and remembered me! One year later he called me to audition and I became the new voice for this company. This has led to a slew of other local work from people that have heard me doing something big like this furniture store. Now they want me for their projects too! Also, go to as many networking events as possible. Join a business referral group. You wont get alot of business from these things, but you will be top of mind and when there is work they will think of you. From my experience its all about connections!!! Hope this helps!

  • Welcome Magdalena!  Please share your rural circumstances with us when you get a chance.  It's great to see new members and to learn from each other tips and tricks on how to get ourselves out there when we are so far "out there".  ~Becky
  • Hey Judy-

    Thanks for the kind words. :)

    It's been hard work building my client list. I use a combination of Voices.com/Voices123.com/Craigslist/social media/referrals/and cold calls.


  • J. Christopher,


    Congratulations on your voice acting success, much less after just a bit after a year of getting your studio up and running.  How cool is that!  If I may ask, have you found your clients through online audition sites, agents, on your own, other, all of the above?


    Cheyenne, WY

  • Hello for rural Sultan, WA, population about 4300. I'm near Seattle but closer to Everett. I built my home studio last January and have been steadily adding clients and booking gigs. Today's sessions included one for a company back east selling cell phone services. It was a patched session with the producer and copywriter. Fun times!



  • That sounds very cool Judy.  Tell me more about PRX.  I haven't worked much on anything out of the box lately, I will have to get creative again soon!  Welcome J. Christopher Dunn to Rural Voices.  Let us know your story and share your sucesses and challenges with being off the beaten track!

  • Hello everyone,


    Just checking in to see how everyone is doing so far in 2011.


    I am working on gathering copy for a commercial demo. 


    Even though I do not have a demo yet, I am trying to "think outside of the box."  I am working with the director of our local botanical gardens.  He is supplying me with the information and then I am rewriting it to make it a little more "conversational", recording and editing 1-2:30 minute shows and also add music and sound effects (a Western Meadowlark.)  I am working on marketing the show to different outlets in the region and also have it posted on PRX (Public Radio Exchange.) 


    What is everyone else up to?  I hope that 2011 has been and will be a prosperous year for you all!



    Cheyenne, WY

  • From the High Plains of southeastern Wyoming, Happy Holidays to Everyone! 

    Thank you all for your help, comments and suggestions this year!

    Here's to a Happy, Healthy and Fun 2011 for all of you and your families!  May the New Year be full of voice acting opportunities and prosperity!

    -Judy Fossum

    Cheyenne, WY



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