If you're geographically removed from a major market then join in and let's talk about the ways we handle marketing, representation, our home studios and anything else we "out in the sticks" folks can think of.
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  • Becky,

    Thanks for the followup.

    I am glad to hear your agency is working out for you so far. Congratulations on your booked gigs! Thank you also for the name and website. May I ask how long you were in voice acting as a career before you started looking for/got an agent? Did you start with voices.com and get clients on your own before getting an agent?

    How has your experience been with voices.com? Have you considered other sites like voices123 and bodalgo? From what I have heard with these, the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. Has that been your experience with the online auditions sites?

    I do have a home studio and am now in the process of gathering potential copy to get a commercial demo produced. It would be nice to get a narrative/industrial demo produced as well as I have heard time and time again that 90% of VO work is narrative/industrial.

    As far as using Facebook and social media, for me for now it is mostly casual (networking, learning about events with some business mixed in as well) as far as VO is concerned. However, when I get my demo complete and website done, social media outlets will certainly play a bigger role.

    It was actually on Facebook that I learned of a community media group in Cheyenne, WY from a former co-worker. I "joined" the group's page and recently found out about an event they are holding next spring that deals with digital media. I called the man in charge, introduced myself and told him what I did and that I would like to help out with the spring event, perhaps giving a demonstration on home recordings. I am trying to think outside of the box. I am considering organizations that I belong to and memberships that I have, look for information on those in charge and then call them and suggest ways I could help them with audio. I have recorded some custom samples (wrote my own scripts based on the organizations websites) and in some cases added background music. Once I contact the person/organization I then asked them if it would be okay to send them a couple of short audio samples. Sometimes I call first and follow up with and e-mail and sometimes I do it the other way around. I try to get some background information and do a little research before contacting them. I try (as I have learned from various instructors) to keep things light - hearted and come at it from the point of view as to how I can help them.

    I do realize, however, that for me to go forward my next step is to record/produce a commercial demo. I also realize that the more I learn, the more I learn that I need to learn. I have also found out that of the people (such as yourself) and instructors I have worked with have been so generous with their time and expertise. It is wonderful to have forums and groups such as these to help out with that.

    Thank you,
  • Happy Holidays to you too Judy!
    I do have representation at an agency. They handle models and actors and added voice-actors a couple of years ago. I am satisfied with them, but am still looking for larger, more personalized representation. The agency I am with covers several city areas in 3 States. I have been with them a bit over a year and have had approx. 40 auditions and have booked 2 local commercial tv spots. They have some national clients as well. If you have a home studio that is broadcast quality, I think they may represent actors not geographically near them. They are called Heyman Talent. www.heymantalent.com
    The bulk of my auditioning has been through voices.com. My renewal is coming up in January and I think I will stay with them. I have been taking webinars and reading everything I can get my hands on. And, I practice plus audition every day. I am putting together spots for an audio-book demo and a character demo that I hope to be able to afford to have produced by this coming Summer.
    Tell me, how are you using Facebook and other social media? I would also love to hear more about how you are contacting these organizations and what you say when you call. (all of this, of course, if you don't mind sharing).
    Take good care and thank you so much for checking in and giving food for thought.
  • Happy Holidays to all! I just wanted to check in to see how everyone is doing?

    With the economy as it is, have you found VO work as of late through agents, self marketing and promotion?

    I have found through Facebook and other social media different local organizations with whom perhaps I could work with. I have made some contacts (via e-mail and just picking up the phone), but nothing concrete as of yet. I have found people to be very nice and are curious as to what voice acting is. Perhaps it is the holidays, but (at least for the smaller organizations) they are waiting on projects until after the first of the year. Have others had the same experience? Something different?

    Also a question to everyone regarding agents. I do not have one myself, but am wondering what peoples' experiences have been with agents in the smaller/mid-size markets.

    Here's to a prosperous holiday season and 2011 to you all.

    Cheyenne, WY
  • Welcome Stephen! I've been to the Puyallup Fair many a time! Beautiful where you live. Tell us your story when and if you get in the mood! We'd love to hear of your successes and challenges as a rural voice actor!
  • Welcome Al!!! Glad to see you here-let us know your story whenever you feel so inclined!
  • Thanks Becky! I love the practice script upload at Edge too. I have caught myself getting a bit carried away myself...lol!
  • Welcome Fran! Clever logo, by the way. Chime in any time~ we'd love to hear your story.
    I mentioned earlier about Edge Studio-Voice Over Career Center-they have an amazing site full of resources for vo. I finally recorded and uploaded one of the practice scripts, one that was out of my comfort zone, but great fun! I am finding it slightly addictive and it has given me motivation to practice! There website is www.EdgeStudio.com
  • Welcome Judy!! Glad to see you here! I spent a little time in Sheridan many moons ago and found it quite beautiful. You'd think all of us rural folk would have that luxury of quiet...but the semi's love to roar through my town and the jets from an Airforce Base 2 hours away spend many a day training right over my house! LOL! Just gotta wait em out!
    I don't have any mac know-how (but plenty of mac envy), maybe some other in our group will; and/or you can try the group Tech Notes for Voice Over here on VU. ( I believe that is what it is called.)
    As far as training goes, I do tele-seminars and webinars and have just located a coach about an hour-ish away that I hope to get on with soon. I have some acting training from college too, and I like to think that helps me :) I spend a great deal of time listening to other demos and have just found an area of Edge Studios online where you can upload recordings of their practice scripts and receive reviews from your peers. I only just found it last night and have listened to a few and read the comments, but think I will give it a whack!
    Glad you joined and looking forward to many more discussions!
  • Hello everyone,

    I am a voice actor from Wyoming. A super rural state and...my husband and I live out in the country. There is certainly something to be said and to be thankful for is that it is so quiet.

    How wonderful to have a group such as this.

    Where has everyone taken their training? I am fortunate enough to live quasi close to Denver, so I have taken some classes there. Tele-seminars, webinars and tele-coaching have been super for me "out on the prairie."

    Here is a question, I use a Mac and use Logic Express as my recording software. Does anyone know where the "normalization" function is in the program? Is it perhaps called something different?

    Judy Fossum
    Cheyenne, WY
  • I haven't had any experience with it yet. I will absolutely post when I get to the point of trying to have it installed. I will bet I am going to have trouble, but we'll see. Thanks Rodney!
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