If you're geographically removed from a major market then join in and let's talk about the ways we handle marketing, representation, our home studios and anything else we "out in the sticks" folks can think of.
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  • Everyone who knows me calls me Rodney -- and the issue I'm looking for guidance on is finding ISDN service "out in the sticks" -- I'm aware of the costs involved and the information provided from this group has been invaluable, but I'm wondering if anyone has faced not being able to get it - period!
  • Absolutely! As soon as I get home I can set up my studio. I am purchasing the last pieces here to take back with me. I will let you know when I am ready.


    Christine Ivy
  • Christine, I am happy for you (and a bit jealous) that you are training with Penny and James! How wonderful! I would still like to practice with you and bounce ideas off each other sometime! Keep the faith (it sounds like you are!!)
  • Hey Becky, I wanted to share that I am in San Diego training with James and Penny. Wow so far this has been an amazing week. I go back on Saturday so I still have some training time. By the time I am finished I will have the additional equipment to complete my home studio and the confidence to start auditioning.

    I am still struggling with pain and fatigue, but it just shows where my limits are but it doesn't stop me.

    As far as ISDN goes I have heard and read from people like George Whittam, it is not necessary for the most part, that is just my two cents. Anyway, have a great day!


    Christine Ivy
  • I am considering it, but honestly, have not delved too deeply as of yet. Philip's points about the importance of ISDN are below and very well made. What's your take on it? And welcome to the group! Do you like to be called J? Or Rodney? Or J Rodney- :)
  • Hey -- All of 8 of us now - anyone look into getting an ISDN line in their home and how to go about it when the local phone provider can't???
  • Welcome Johnny! Glad to see you here. Join in anytime and tell us about yourself!
  • That helps so much. Thanks Darla!
  • Becky,
    I have the same problem with noise. Have to turn off the AC and the fridge. Recording times vary depending on traffic on the road, in and out of the NATO base and around the stockyards downtown (trains). I thought I was going to have to limit my recording times to 1 AM thru 4 AM, but found out differently as the week progressed. I was able to record between 10:30 PM and 1:00 AM last night. Sometimes, I am able to record between 6 PM and 8 PM. I guess I will just have to be aware of and quick during the windows of quiet.

    I was able to get a couple of people to listen to my room noise recordings. Try this fellow - www.VOEditByDesign.com
    He was most helpful to me. I, now, record using my Porta Booth with a sheet over it and my head. I look like an old fashioned photographer, but it seems to work (unless the landlord is using his riding mower - then nothing helps except to wait him out). Hope that helps.
  • ISDN came FIRST and the clients came second.
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