If you're geographically removed from a major market then join in and let's talk about the ways we handle marketing, representation, our home studios and anything else we "out in the sticks" folks can think of.
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  • Welcome Darla,
    I face the same and that's a lovely way of putting it! If you don't mind, I'll use that one myself! I hope we all get something going in here. Please feel free to share at will
  • I just found this group. Living in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan - Canada is not really considered to be "rural" around here. We are, however, far removed from the big "Hollywood - Canada" cities of Vancouver and Toronto. I find myself constantly having to explain to people what Voice Over is. I, now, say that "voice over actors are the people you have heard, but not heard of".
  • Nice to meet you Joe. I am an Okie from Ponca City and spent a great deal of my youth in Texas, but way South. You truly are rural aren't you? Great ideas. I was actually considering an A/B comparison for some of the local tv and radio commercials but am extremely worried about being in such a "superior" position..."I'm better than what you have", ya know. ESPECIALLY if the narrator might be the owner...or the owner's daughter-HA! Would be worth brainstorming ways to market that idea without sounding too hoity-toity and without insulting anyone. As far as the on-hold package idea goes, no, I would only create a fully produced CD, that they could use their own hardware. I have found two businesses in my area not using what they have. I have a contact with a phone guy who knows several other businesses who have purchased the technology, but don't have any voice yet. I recently had my computer cleaned up by a local company and had the pleasure of being on hold with them a couple of times. Not a marketing message, not a pleasant voice, not a thing except for repeating, long beeeeeeeps. I approached the manager and left my business card. I am sending the owner a follow-up letter outlining the benefits of that few seconds were he to promote some of their in-house specials, services etc... we'll see. (I am actually a terrible salesperson at heart, but am trying to build my skills!) Well, thanks for joining and keep us all posted! ~Becky
  • Hi Becky... as I like to say, I can travel a hundred miles and still just be closer to somewhere. I'm in the Texas panhandle; while a sizeable area of 200K, there's not enough content production here to make more than "part-time" money (or, that's my experience to-date). I think my market are those areas within 250-300 miles. But, it's reaching them cost effectively. And, to whom should I be reaching-out? Your message on-hold idea is good. Would you offer the hardware, as well? BNI is interesting. No chapter here. An idea I have not pursued; scouting-out broadcast ads playing in markets 100+ miles from home. You'll hear some terrible ones. Record them, re-produce them, and send them to the business owner/ad agency and let them hear A/B contrast. With internet streaming stations it might be easier to do than actually "going there". Hoping to pick-up a few "keepers" myself; thanks for starting the group.
  • Glad you came on. My brother recently moved to Toronto. I have yet to visit, perhaps this year. I am lucky enough to have a future son-in-law in the music business who has some knowledge of microphones and also of pro-tools-which I use and actually like a lot. He comes a couple of times a year and I bounce things off of him when I am having a glitch. I would like to have a true techie with vo knowledge come in and look at my setup and also listen and give me a good idea of my sound quality. I have found a coach about 1 1/2 hours from here who has actual vo experience. I am looking forward to starting with him soon. I did get representation with an agency and I occasionally make the 1-2 hour trip in for an audition when one is presented, but I mainly work in my little guest bedroom/studio! So, do you find any business in the town you live in? If so, how did you access them?
  • Dear Becky;

    Great group idea for those of us who choose to live in the 'sticks!' I am about 45 minutes outside of Toronto, Ontario. What I had a difficult time with was getting someone to physically come to my house when I was having a learning curve between my MS Vista and preamp. Very frustrating, but finally a 'techie' helped me. I even had the Best Buy Geek Squad here and they were stumped...
  • I'll start. I live about an hour from a minor market in a midwest city. I know we are all globally connected and able to voice jobs from anywhere-but I am having a brainstorm of one for ways to market my vo biz to the local businesses right in my community. My thoughts so far-to begin marketing an on-hold messaging package of sorts to some of the little guys in town who have the digital phone equipment, but not a voice. Next thought is to join the Chamber of Commerce and start networking with them. There are no production companies (other than videographers for events) in my area. Which brings up another possibility. Market to them and see if they agree what a value-added service having a narration on those event videos would mean to their clients. My other idea is to start my own chapter of BNI. There are a few chapters about an hour or so from here, but they aren't my community ya know. So, anyway, those are some of my thoughts. Would love to hear from anyone about this type of thing. I am more than sure that my ideas aren't original, but I think they are original to my area....does that make sense? Thanks a million-can't wait to hear your story and ideas! ~Becky
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