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  • Thanx Chuck, yeah it has been an unlucky few months but you know how it goes:feast or famine, an rarely anywhere in between. Lowell you are right too, I have to think that there will be a pendulum effect, then again I thought the commadores would get back together
  • I work for CBS in Denver, we have also experienced a lot of axe swinging. I am the last man standing in the imaging world here, and responsible for imaging 3 terrestrial signals, 9 streaming stations, and a handful of HD signals as well. I am not discouraged though. The economy has made our world more challenging, but in the end, if the few of us left persevere, I believe it will benefit those of us. When the economy bounces back, the crop of talent to choose from has been limited to us, and with the expansion of streaming channels and HD channels, the market of potential stations that need imaging is actually growing, and the talent pool to image these stations has decreased (to the few of us left) which could mean good things in the future. I hope:) The fat is being cut everywhere...make sure that you're part of the meat... and not the fat...and hopefully, we will all reap the benefits in the near future. Radio is NOT going away. In many ways, it's just beginning to evolve..... At least that's my perspective. Good luck to all........
  • Nik, Sorry to hear about your Classic station! Everybodys making cuts these days. So far the two voices I use are safe and sound...not so much for some 12 bodys in the cluster though. All casualtys of the economy.

    I see this is Marks group....but I don't see any posts from him. Whazzup Marcus?
  • Yeah Nik-
    The uncertainty is causing many broadcasters to make sudden and inexplicable moves right now. Saw it in television news too. Not sure where the wheel will stop, but we've got to believe it will stop and that order will return. We've just got to be ready for it.
  • well Ive just lost my dinky classic hits station! so I would have to say, cutting back as Im down from 5 stations I was voicing this time last year to ONE that im still on now. In fairness one flipped format, one tweaked and went in another direction, the others? I just dnt think they wanted to pay me as Im sure they could get someone hungry to do it for next to nothing. Again nice work if you can get it, and in a time when stations are cutting on air personnel you would think there would be more imaging work to come, we shall see. Hope for the best in 09!. We'll see if the bailout can trickle down to all sectors of the economy, my guess is with ZERO oversight, it will not happen. Sadly kid, youre on your own!>
  • Wow, this room is like a dream come true. I could spend hours reading all the comments soaking everything in!
    With the economy hobbling along as it is, are you all finding stations are adding on or cutting back on imaging? I've heard both scenarios and both seem to make sense.
  • Ok I have a classic hits station that im on, I was on three AAA's (one replaced me after two years, one just flipped Classic Rock where I was the classic rock voice before they flipped AAA so they didnt want to go backward) and the one Im on now. My problem is that I want to do active/alt rock, I dont wanna get pigeonholed as "AAA" or anything for that matter. As I dont have a deep booming traditional classic rock voice, Im trying to emphasis the personality in my reads. On top of which my agents have yet to get me one station, all that ive had I got myself and brought to them to negotiate. Ive told consultants that Ive sent my demo to to tell clients I will audition copy via isdn with the creative person directing me if they want, because not everyone can afford Steve Stone Lol. What else can i do?. Id love to hear from Driscol or some of you other humps with like 200
  • Ok...I'm new to radio imaging...finally got my voice wet and now I'm ready to get it going! I just upoaded some stuff I did [check my page & let me know what you think].

    Ladie Mo$t...
  • Hi Mark
    Great forum!

    What is your mic chain these days? And how do you get your tracks to cut thru off of your setup?

  • Hey so nice to see this group. I am in the process of putting an imaging demo together. My very frist. Any tips? Great examples etc. THX!
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