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  • Hey All... I am after some suggestions. I am looking around for some VST Plugins thate are simple to use with good effects for Voice Imaging...
  • Hey all...Glad to see this group started. I just started pimping myself in this Imaging thang...and have landed 2 nice..."you are our guy" gigs. I gots me lots to learn...LOL so I'll be hitting you all up for stuff...Glad to be here...Jason...and no..i don't talk like that...i've read a book...just one..but it was a big book...LOL
  • This seems like a cool group. I look forward to meeting new friends. Has anyone checked out
  • Hi all from sunny London, UK!

    I have just joined the site and am having a good nose around! I have recently put together my imaging reel, which features lots of jingles, DJ drops, podcast intros and more. I have hooked up with a fantastic producer here in the UK with mad production skills!

    I'd love to hear your thoughts/comments and I look forward to taking part in this group.

    Take care for now.Radio Imaging 08.mp3
  • Long time producer, first time voicer.

    Well, that's not exactly true. I found myself voicing more and more as my "imaging producer" gig evolved to "Creative Branding Services Director of All Sounds New". I began voicing my own imaging a few years back at WBYR in Indiana, moved to Sacramento to do the same at KRXQ, and am now actually getting paid extra to do a couple on the side of my current prod position at Krash Creative Solutions in NC.

    Since it's such a glamorous dream gig, becoming "A Voice" isn't something I'm banking my whole life on... but it sure would be cool if it worked out, eh? You'll find I am a non-announcery sort of "feeling my way through" feller.

    Nice to meetcha!
  • Joey, I revamped the imaging demo a bit (it's on my site here and on
  • Joey, thanks so much for takin gtime to listen to it...I'm certainly open to changes and I often find that other ears are a much better judge than my own when it comes to my work.

    Thanks again!
  • Brian Haymond:
    I listened to your imaging demo, and I think I may have an answer. It's not your voice, that's really good. I think the production on the demo is a bit stale and really cliche, the effects are old school and the lazers are passe. I would lead with your 'lite favorites' read. It's a really strong read, your voice is very good for that format. Also, it seems to take too long to get to the reads, it needs to be great from the get-go. I like your child's intro, but you don't need the countdown after that.
    I am by no means an expert, but that's what my ears are hearing.
  • BigBaby 987 wants gals? You got gals! We're not scared of the big boys here. Well..I am..a bit intimidated..Hope to soak up some imaging prod skills as well!
  • Geez!! I feel I am in the company of greatness. I've heard some incredible voices out there and it makes me want to work harder on my skills. I'm fairly new at this amazing world of voice acting and I hope to learn from some of you that have been around for some time. Thanks!
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